Apartments, cars and influence on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The media published an investigation about Lavrov’s mistress

According to the authors of the material, Polyakova has significant influence in the Russian Foreign Ministry. She ran a ministry-related business. Her close acquaintances were appointed to several key posts in the department. So, Roman Sadulin became the deputy manager of the ministry. Like Polyakov, he was a co-owner of the Consul restaurant, located in the building of the diplomatic academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Another friend of Polyakova’s, Ekaterina Vadyaeva, was appointed to the GlavUpDK under the Russian Foreign Ministry. This commercial organization is engaged in servicing diplomatic missions in Moscow and leasing real estate for the ministry.

According to one of the sources of the publication, several high-ranking officials of the ministry are dissatisfied with the fact that Polyakova’s acquaintances are being appointed to key positions. Some civil servants were forced to resign.

Journalists found a phone number Polyakova and using one of the applications we checked how it is signed on other people’s phones. In several notebooks Polyakova was noted as Svetlana Lavrova or Svetlana Lavrova. From state databases, it follows that a woman never wore familia minister, the authors wrote.

Polyakova, in addition to working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was engaged in business, the investigation says… Until 2012, she was a co-owner of the Consul restaurant. Over the past five years, from 2015 to 2020, the restaurant received revenue of only 97 million rubles (about $ 1.3 million). Other companies also did not bring her high income, but despite this, she turned out to be the owner of property for almost $ 13.8 million.

Polyakova owns an apartment with an area of ​​almost 260 m² in the “Prechistenka 13” residential complex in the center of Moscow. The journalists did not estimate the exact cost of the apartment because of the uniqueness of the object. According to them, an apartment of almost the same footage in this building costs more than 700 million rubles. ($ 9.7).

She also owns apartments worth about 50 million rubles. ($ 690 thousand) in an elite residential complex in Sochi and a house worth about 57 million rubles. ($787 thous.) in the village of Palitsy in the Moscow region. Polyakova owns a Porsche and two expensive Mercedes cars. Until 2016, she owned a Bentley. Polyakova’s mother, pensioner Tamara, also has a Mercedes, which costs 20 million rubles in the cabin. ($ 276 thous.), the journalists pointed out.

Polyakova’s daughter Polina studied at the Imperial College Business School in London. She owns several companies in the capital of Great Britain, one of them – PPK Investments Ltd – is registered on Hollandgreen Place, which is located in one of the most expensive areas of London, Kensington. In the same house where the company is registered, Polina rented in 2016 apartment for 999 years. She paid £ 4.4 million for it, more than 440 million rubles. ($ 6 million) at the exchange rate on the date of purchase. At the time of the transaction, Polina was 21 years old.

The Russian Foreign Ministry ignored the publication’s request; Svetlana Polyakova also did not answer journalists’ questions.


In the biography of Lavrov on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry saidthat he has a wife and a daughter. The official’s wife is Maria, she worked in the library of the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the UN.



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