Anti-China riots in Solomon Islands, 3 bodies found burnt in shop

A shop in Honiara, Solomon Islands, was set on fire by mobs when anti-China riots broke out two days ago. Photo/Stewart K via REUTERS

HONIARAPolice Solomon Islands found three bodies in a shop that caught fire during anti-government riots China in the Chinatowan district or Chinatown in Honiara. The riots, which were marked by arson and looting of Chinese shops, occurred after the government cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan after allegedly being bribed by Beijing.

Police have made more than a hundred arrests following unrest in the South Pacific nation’s capital in recent days. The riots started last Wednesday.

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ABC News based in Australia, on Saturday (11/27/2021) reported three charred bodies were found in a shop in the Chinatown district last night. The report cited a security guard at the scene.

Many of the protesters are from the most populous province of Malaita, where there is hatred of the government and opposition to the 2019 decision to end diplomatic ties with Taiwan and establish formal ties with China.

The forensic team has launched an investigation and is still at the scene, but the cause of death for the three victims is not yet clear. The nationalities of the three victims are not yet clear, but the shops that were set alight by the mob were reportedly Chinese.

Shops in the Chinatown neighborhood were looted and burned during riots in the capital.

More than a hundred people were arrested for rioting and looting related to the current protests. The Solomon Islands Police said in a statement today.

The local police have been supported by police forces from Papua New Guinea and Australia who arrived yesterday.



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