Answering 4 Logic Questions That Feel Unimportant but Very Basic

MOJOK.CO – A curious little child may ask trivial logical questions like: Why is the sky blue?

There are many unanswered things in this world. Including why ghosting victims are increasing in the 21st century. Logic questions that often cannot be answered by adults are often reflexively asked by children. That’s why, even though as adults we don’t care, at least we have to be prepared so that we don’t get angry when asked by a child.

Logic question #1 Why does multiplication take precedence over addition and subtraction?

Math is the source of logic. It’s impossible for the basics to be formed on the basis of approximation. In addition, multiplication and division always take precedence over addition and subtraction. Why is that?

You see, multiplication is actually repeated addition. Division is the act of subtraction. For example, just 2×3 which is actually 2+2+2. In other words, the addition and division system next level of addition and subtraction. Thus, the most complex system should take precedence. Mathematics, yes, to describe complicated things first and then the easy ones.

Logic Question #2 Why does the Earth rotate?

Apart from Sherina, the TPA kids are really good at asking logical questions like this. Indeed, it cannot be answered simply, but we can give a bonus story about how the universe was formed. In theory, due to the Big Bang explosion, the whole universe is moving, including Earth. Every planet and star has gravity, and this is also what causes the Earth to revolve around the Sun.

If the Earth did not rotate, there would be no material products such as water and air in the atmosphere, there would be no 24-hour rotation system, and the calendar would be chaotic. The rotating earth also makes us enjoy day and night, there is warm sunlight and a beautiful night for kadel, and bolsters of course.

Logic question #3 Why is the sky blue?

Isn’t it really strange that penguins change their color to green so they look like cheap boarding houses? Or all the plaid motifs for industrial style?

The blue color in the sky of course occurs because of the light spectrum. Simply put, the sky doesn’t exist, blue is the color of the boundary of our eyes. If you’re still wondering why, it’s because purple and blue light have the shortest wavelengths. When the Sun is high and far away, the visible light is blue because they don’t take long to penetrate the atmosphere. The blue color spreads as if it covers the earth.

Meanwhile, if the sun has just risen or is almost setting, we can see other colors that are basically red. It also happens because red light has the longest wavelength. The red color takes a long time to reach Earth so there will be a favorite orange stroke twilight child in the evening sky.

Logic question #4 Why does the river flow when it is not pumped?

This question should be answered simply, by explaining the properties of liquids and their mechanisms. Rivers hold a lot of water and flow from upstream to downstream. Liquids like water have no shape, they tend to conform to the shape of the container and flow to a lower place. That is why rivers have strong currents even though they are not pumped. Earth’s gravity and relief also have a big role in flowing river water to the sea. So, fahimtum?

There are still many logical questions that actually make adults dizzy but make children curious. For example, why does water flow, what God is, how to make humans, and other basic things. Anyway, don’t let a kid ask logical questions like that, adults can only answer, “Indeed, that’s fate.”, “It should have happened.”, etc..

At least from now on we need to be sensitive to these basic things that don’t seem important. Logic questions like this also help children understand how life should work. A good provision to face the harshness of the world in the future when you are an adult. As for adults, there’s no harm in learning math, science, and astronomy again.

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