Another photo leaked of Rogier without a wig

Rogier’s circle of friends, who we know as the other half of the older Frank Jansen, has leaked a second photo of the roguish interior guru. This Rogier and Frank, known from the TV program Paleis voor een Stagy, have been smearing each other for several weeks.

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Rogier’s new photo, now alone with Frank, was taken in France where the two have a holiday home near Saint-Tropez. This holiday home is rented out in the summer months.


Rogier’s carefully constructed image as the well living with a good head of hair is under pressure. Because not only has a second private photo been leaked via PrivĂ©, but the duo would also have been banned from speaking by the RTL management. The fragments are almost impossible to glue …

Rogier started wearing the wigs in connection with hair loss due to an immune disease. The wig became his trademark and from time to time the reality star swapped the hairpiece for a baseball cap.


The absurdities between the couple are now piling up and there seems to be no lasting relationship between the two fighting cocks. Love and affection seem to have been exchanged for insinuations and arguments.

The two may have been sentenced to each other because of the hefty fee they receive from RTL for their antics in front of the camera. Earlier this year, the men of Voetbal Inside, Johan Derksen, Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp, turned out to be in the hands of John de Mol when they were called to order by him with reference to their contracts.

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