Anna Lewandowska showed her car. It’s a fortune-threatening highway (PHOTO)

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Anna Lewandowska and her husband Robert run many businesses. The player himself earns a lot for playing at Bayern Munich and it is not surprising that the marriage fulfills its whims. Fans of the captain of the Polish national team knew that he is passionate about motoring, but recently it turned out that he shares his passion with his wife.

Anna Lewandowska received a great distinction at the beginning of June. The prestigious Forbes Women magazine has prepared the annual ranking “The best personal brand of women in Poland 2020”. The trainer took first place in this ranking. As emphasized in the explanatory memorandum, the wife of the captain of the Polish national team runs not one, but several business projects. In addition, it was appreciated that Lewandowska managed to build an incredibly dedicated and committed audience.

Anna Lewandowska Car

photo: producer’s press materials


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Anna Lewandowska at the wheel of a powerful car

– It is a great distinction for me. Thank you for appreciating my work, passion and commitment. – wrote the trainer on her Instagram.

Lewandowska’s businesses give her amazing revenues. No wonder that with such a large earnings, he can afford to meet a few whims. Recently published a photo on which the prestigious brand socks were put on. One pair of such socks costs PLN 600.

Coach husband Robert Lewandowski, who plays in Bayern Munich, is the Bundesliga’s highest paid player. His earnings allow him to expand his car collection. In the past, he has driven such cars as: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Lamborghini Gallardo, Bentley Continental GT or Mercedes S 560 Maybach.

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Recently, the attention of fans and photojournalists has attracted a new car of the captain of the Polish national team. Pole for training Bayernu after a break caused by a coronavirus pandemic began to arrive Porsche 911 Speedster. Fans quickly found the specification of the car and it turns out that it is an extremely rare and fast car.

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The Lewandowscy family have real unique items in their collection

Robert Lewandowski’s new car is the most expensive Porsche model in the world. A Pole paid PLN 1.3 million for his copy. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in just 4 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 310 km / h. He has over 500 horsepower under the bonnet. In addition, this is a limited series and there are only a few such cars in the world.

It turns out that Lewandowski passion for the automotive industry infected his wife Anna. The trainer recently participated in the recording of the breakfast program “Good Morning TVN”. The trainer came to the studio with a huge Mercedes-AMG G63 off-road car with a 585 hp V8 biturbo engine.

The power of the vehicle attracts attention. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, the car accelerates to hundreds in less than 4.5 seconds. – The engine power in the Mercedes-AMG G63 is so huge that it must be kept behind bars – wrote the manufacturer about the vehicle that Anna Lewandowska moves. One copy of such a car costs over 700 thousand zlotys.


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