Angiola leaves M5S, from top closings and prejudices – Politics


The Apulian deputy Nunzio Angiola leaves the M5S and goes to the Mixed Group. “I decided, with great regret, to abandon the M5S. My dissent does not derive from my personal change of opinion, but from the acknowledgment that, more or less, the leaders of the Movement have preferred to entrench themselves in a preliminary closure in their granite beliefs. My decision today is not to be connected with that of other parliamentary colleagues, such as Lorenzo Fioramonti, “announces Angiola.

“As I had repeatedly announced, for a series of thoughtful and relevant reasons I gave my vote of confidence to the Government of Giuseppe Conte, but I did not vote on the Budget Law. I expressed great disappointment at the compression of parliamentary prerogatives and for the approval of measures which, in my capacity as full professor at the University, I could not accept at all “, explains the Apulian MP.
And Angiola attacks: “I have repeatedly denounced poor collegiality and lack of attention to individual parliamentarians, both as individuals and as professionals, with all the consequences that this can entail in terms of” visibility “of the territories in legislative and government decisions”.
“Finally, I would like to reassure the citizens and mayors of my constituency. My commitment to the country, the Murgian territory and to the University does not stop there, and will never stop. It will continue – in a more determined and incisive way – as member of the Italian Republic, in the Mixed Group “, he concludes. (ANSA).


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