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As early as 2020, mid-December will pass, and Christmas will come in about a week. From the European Space Agency (ESA) at such timingA view of Mars reminiscent of ChristmasIs open to the public.

“Angel and Heartmark” in the Antarctic region of Mars taken by the Mars probe “Mars Express” (Credit: ESA / DLR / FU Berlin)

This is ESA’s Mars probe“Mars Express”This is an image taken in the Antarctic region of Mars. A complex landscape of bright tan land (ice and dust deposits) reminiscent of cappuccino bubbles and dark sand (including bright stones and kettle stones) like cocoa powder.The situation is“Angel with spread wings” facing leftWhen“Heart mark”It looks like, reminiscent of the ornaments used to decorate Christmas trees.

Angel headThe corresponding part isCrater with a diameter of about 15kmis.About 1km high surrounding the bottom of the craterSotowayama“If you use your imagination a little” (German Aerospace Center)Ring of angelsIt doesn’t look like this.All of them are accidental products, but the dark area that flows from the crater to the right is certainlyShape reminiscent of wingsAnd you can see below itHeart symbolHas a relatively well-balanced shape.

The “angel” and “heart symbol” are located at 78 degrees south latitude on Mars. During the six-month winter, the polar cap spreads to around 60 ° S in the Antarctic region of Mars, so the area where it was photographed is also winter1 to 2 m thick carbon dioxide iceIt is said that it will be covered with. On the other hand, the Southern Hemisphere of Mars is approaching summer, and as the polar cap is shrinking, angels and heart marks are appearing on the surface of the earth, and it is possible to observe them from orbit.

Scattered in the part corresponding to the angel’s hand and the ground on the right side of the imageDepressionIs believed to be the terrain created when the ice sublimated into gas.Also, there are countless scratches on the ground to the left of the angel’s hand.Dust whirlwindIs said to be a stormy mark. Will one day be able to see the dynamic changes in scenery from the ice-covered winter land to the appearance of angels and heart marks?

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The image at the beginning was created based on the observation data of November 8, 2020 by the high-resolution stereo camera (HRSC) installed in Mars Express, and was released on December 17, 2020. ..

Image Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin
Source: THAT / DLR
Sentence / Takehiro Matsumura

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