American sport, outraged by the Texas shooting: “A typical day in the US”

Un new shooting in the United States has left a balance of 21 people (19 students and two teachers) dead so far. It occurred in a primary school in Uvalde, Texas, a town near San Antonio.

The massacre was perpetrated by an 18-year-old boy named Salvador Ramos who was shot by the police. The events have even more dismayed the American population, because on this occasion the victims were almost entirely children. Numerous athletes have shown their outrage with these acts and with the free circulation of weapons in their country. Here we collect some testimonials.

Michael Johnson (exatleta)

“21 families lost their innocent children today. This is now a typical day in America. Think about it. And it doesn’t have to be this way. Think why it is this way! And think about what you can do about it.”

Patrick Mahomes

“This has to stop”.

Lebron James (basketball player)

“When is enough, man!!! They are kids and we keep putting them in danger at school. Seriously, ‘AT SCHOOL’, where it’s supposed to be the safest place. I pray to heaven for all the kids these days in the schools”.

Patrick McEnroe (extenista)

“Our country is so screwed up.”

Julian Edelman (NFL player)

“This doesn’t feel like America. We focus on happiness and prosperity and those values ​​are great. But our greatness should be measured by how we protect the most vulnerable. We’re not doing our job. I don’t have the answer, I don’t pretend to understand politics.” But this is unacceptable.”

Ryan Garca (boxer)

“I am very sad and hurt by the broken hearts in Texas where the shooting took place. I don’t understand what makes someone do something so horrible. We need to come together to find a solution to stop and prevent these things from happening.”

Martina Navratilova (extenist)

“Our country has a terminal disease of violence… It’s so sad and for the most part preventable. NOW!!! Register every damn gun there is or go to jail!”

“Since the good guys with a gun stop the bad guys with a gun, and politicians like Paxton (Texas) think we should arm teachers, I guess that means we should arm teachers with assault rifles so they can stop bad guys with assault rifles. And bulletproof vests for everyone!!!”

Zack Britton, (baseball player for the New York Yankees)

“When will we care about the protection of our children above all else? Children should not be shot to death at school. It is absolutely unacceptable that this continues to happen. These children represent the future of our country, our hopes, our dreams.” .

Claressa Shields (boxer)

“ALL SCHOOLS NEED METAL DETECTORS AND ARMED SECURITY! These murders, mass shootings, attacks are so unbearable! 19 dead children in Texas and two teachers. Pray for the families affected but also THE UNITED STATES NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING IN THE FUTURE!”

Cody Rhodes (WWE wrestler)

“Terrible. Lost children. Meaningless, tragic and avoidable. Whether it’s love, blood donations, some charity, we need only people who help other people. Love and CHANGE. If your instinct is to get into political discourse or defend the right to bear arms, it’s crazy and it’s sad”.

Mardy Fish (extenista)

“I drop my kids off at school almost every day. Never in my wildest dreams would I think it would be the last time I’d see them. They’re our kids, man. Our kids! I’m getting sick.”

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