American distributors have bought the rights to show the Latvian film ‘Neona pavasaris’

The American film distribution company “Magnolia Pictures International” has acquired the rights to show Latvian director Matīs Kaža’s latest film “Neona pavasaris” around the world, “Variety” reports.

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It has already been reported that the world premiere of the film is planned at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on August 15 this year, but the film will be shown in Latvian cinemas in the fall.

“Neon Spring” is the story of two months in the life of Laine, the film’s main character. Techno music, rave parties and the search for sexual identity are intertwined in the story of a girl from the suburbs of Riga, whose family has come to a crisis of mutual relations. Leading role – Marija Luize Meľke. The film also features Greta Trušina, who is known to Latvian viewers as the main female role in the local box office blockbuster “Storm of Souls”, a graduate of the New Riga Theater Actors’ Studio Gerds Laposkaa comedian Jānis Skutelis a read

“The film is an emotional story about the relationships of today’s young people, about people striving for each other and sometimes not meeting each other. About another life that begins under the cover of night. About the world around us today,” the director previously described the film Matīss Kaža.

Lorna Lee Torres, head of the international sales department of “Magnolia Pictures”, speaks enthusiastically about “Neon Spring” in “Variety”: “We are very happy about “Neon Spring”, an engrossing and shocking queer drama, which takes place in the Riga rave scene and which gives the audience moving and truly open acting works. Matīss Kaža is a young and very talented director who, with a realistic and fresh approach to the rave scene, provides an amazing background for a personal story about freedom, identity and world exploration.”

He is complemented by director Matīss Kaža: “The film shows the sensitive acting of the younger generation of Latvian actors, and its story reflects the emotional experiences and problems of young people of my generation. It is a low-budget drama filled with the uncontrollable enthusiasm of its actors and filming crew. I am very honored and happy, that my film is represented by Magnolia Pictures International, one of the leading film sales companies. With the help of Magnolia, we hope to reach audiences around the world who value openness and directness in cinematic storytelling.”

The film distribution company “Magnolia Pictures” was founded in 2001. Its focus is independent cinema from both America and other countries in the world. The most famous work under the auspices of this company has been the Japanese film “Shoplifters”, which received the “Golden Palm Branch” at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 and was nominated for the “Oscar” award in the foreign film category.

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