Aladdin comes to the Darmstadt State Theater on the 1st of Advent

Promised a Christmas fairy tale: the Darmstadt State Theater
Image: dpa

The Darmstadt State Theater has promised a Christmas fairy tale and with the premiere of Aladdin it keeps its promise. If someone is afraid of the power-hungry magician, special theater magic is provided.

Msome children are afraid of Pumuckl. Mostly in front of his voice, that shrill, moaning goblin laugh that only the great Munich actor Hans Clarin (1929–2005) could do. Who, by the way, grew up in Frankfurt. This little “descendant of the Klabautermen” was my favorite record hero in childhood.

At that time I only heard one record once: “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”, in the version by Kurt Vethake. I was so afraid of the Spirit’s voice that I got nightmares. Nobody has to fear that, in Annette Raffalt’s own version of the story: There, after all, Aladdin has Djamila by his side and has long been a made man.

The Darmstadt State Theater promised a Christmas fairy tale – now delivery is being made: On the 1st of Advent, the Christmas fairy tale will premiere despite the lockdown – as a live stream from the stage. The tickets are limited and already on sale. And should someone still be afraid of the power-hungry magician in the contemporary version: The stream premiere includes a look behind the scenes and a follow-up discussion with the actors. So that only theatrical magic reigns everywhere.



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