Al-Mubarakah: Our mission is to raise awareness among young people

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Al Mubarakah Foundation stressed the importance of celebrating International Youth Day, noting that the UAE has provided a pioneering model in preparing young people for the future and providing them with skills that enable them to be creative and pioneer through national development.
Al Mubaraka Foundation organized an interactive workshop to develop the skills of young and adolescent participants in teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving.
The workshop was presented by Dr. Reem Al Kindi, Youth Council Advisor at Al Mubarakah Foundation, and Shaima Al Hajri, member of Al Mubarakah Foundation Youth Council.
Dr. Reem Al Kindi confirmed the Foundation’s interest in consolidating awareness among youth, adolescents and youth groups, based on its role in enhancing knowledge building for these groups, and hence the importance of the workshop, which is based on three interactive axes.

Role integration
The workshop dealt with the importance of integrating roles between the family, school and social development institutions to improve the knowledge building of these groups, especially at an early age, so that the individual can identify the best applied practices that enable him to master these skills and present them well in his scientific and practical life.
Shaima Al-Hajri touched on a number of practical tools that enable the participant to master communication skills, teamwork and critical thinking, as well as the mechanism of employing these skills in finding innovative solutions to the problems that participants may face. The workshop included applied models through which the participant was acquainted with the methods of critical thinking, problem solving and the employment of scientific methods in this regard. For their part, the participants in the workshop expressed their benefit from the topics addressed in the workshop and the applied methods presented to them. Nour Abdel Hamid said: I was pleased to participate in this workshop and benefited a lot from the information and knowledge content. Ali Al-Hashemi said: The workshop provided me and the participants with a lot of information and knowledge content, which gave me many skills related to critical thinking and linking introductions to results, in addition to employing scientific methods in facing challenges.

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