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Airline company forces woman to take pregnancy test | Abroad

Nishida wanted to fly to Saipan on the Northern Mariana Islands, east of Philippines. The place is popular with foreign women to give birth because their children are then eligible for American citizenship, because Saipan is part of America.

The woman had indicated on a questionnaire that she was not pregnant, but she was taken to the toilet by crew members. She received a pregnancy test, which after she had peeed on it, indicated that she was not expecting. Nishida was then allowed on board. According to the Japanese, the crew members indicated that the test was intended for “women who have the sizes or shapes of a pregnant woman,” Sky News said.

She filed a complaint. The airline company did not give home at first, but is now going through the dust. “We apologize to anyone affected by this.” Passengers are not allowed to take pregnancy tests until further notice.

In 2018, 582 tourists on the islands gave birth, while only 492 babies were born by residents of the Northern Mariana Islands. Of the 582, 575 were from China, according to CNN.


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