Agriculture | Vox asks in Congress about the Government’s measures for the agricultural and irrigation sector in the Region

The national deputies of Vox Joaquín Robles, Lourdes Méndez and Luis Gestoso. / Vox

They want to know if the actions will mean an increase in costs for field workers and what are the irrigation modernization projects


The national deputies of Vox for Murcia Lourdes Méndez, Joaquín Robles and Luis Gestoso presented together with the deputies of the Vox parliamentary group Ricardo Chamorro, Rubén Darío Vega, Magdalena Nevado del Campo and Manuel Mariscal several questions in relation to the measures that are going to be implemented the Government is marching to promote
development of the agricultural sector in the Region of Murcia.

The deputies affirm that the agricultural sector is a fundamental element for Spain that has the potential to become the pantry of Europe and, in these circumstances, the Region of Murcia is in a prominent position.

the environmental crisis of the Mar Menor puts the viability of this sector at risk, “Especially due to the erroneous and unfounded accusations of certain groups”, they assure. Therefore, in addition to the measures that promote the sector, Vox also asks about the promotion of irrigation and what are the next modernization projects that the Government plans to develop, in collaboration with other administrations, in the Region of Murcia.

In addition, the Minister for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, proposes increasing restrictions on Murcian agriculture. As advanced in the corresponding Commission of the Congress of Deputies, it is contemplated to prohibit fertilizers (organic and inorganic) in front of the Mar Menor and limit nearby harvests to two a year, as well as the creation of “maximum fertilization allocations” and the implementation of a register of agricultural holdings and a monitoring system for irrigation water and fertilization.

Therefore, from Vox they wonder if these measures are going to suppose, in the opinion of the Government, a
increased costs for Murcian farmersIf apart from these measures that exclusively affect Murcian agriculture, there are others contemplated by the Government and what the “maximum fertilization allocations” that the Government raises for Murcian agriculture consist of.



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