After the massive march, Together for Change met in a climate of tension: Macri participated from Switzerland and Rodríguez Larreta withdrew after two minutes

The weekly meeting that the main leaders of Together for Change agreed to hold every Monday at 9 o’clock was moved to today, Tuesday, because yesterday was a holiday. And not just any one because the 170th anniversary of the death of José de San Martín coincided with the most important mobilization against the Government, which barely completed eight months in office.

From Switzerland, Mauricio Macri connected. And in Argentina, almost everyone was present, although in general for a short time, because most had previously contracted commitments. The virtual meeting It started with a report from the PRO president and host of the Zoom meeting, Patricia Bullrich, on the mobilization of # 17A.

From what witnesses tell, that’s what I was doing when Horacio Rodríguez Larreta apologized because he had to retire. It was just when the former Minister of Security was talking about society’s right to demonstrate and that Together for Change had to speak in favor if it wanted to represent the values ​​of those who mobilized, which are in line with the coalition. The head of the Buenos Aires government barely listened to Bullrich for two minutes and no longer came back.

The other participants said goodbye to Rodríguez Larreta, but the situation became tense. María Eugenia Vidal remained connected but did not say a word during the hour and a half that the meeting lasted. And several had to leave before, such as Alfredo Cornejo, president of the UCR, Humberto Schiavoni, senator for Misiones del PRO, and Cristian Ritondo, president of the PRO block of the Chamber of Deputies.

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Other participants, such as Maximiliano Ferraro, from the CC, and the president of the opposition interblock, the Cordovan deputy Mario Negri, sought to get out of the situation of a timer mode, preventing the meeting from issuing a statement on the fly and making another, a letter asking Alberto Fernández to withdraw the Justice reform bill from Congress.

In a previous meeting, Bullrich, Pichetto and Ritondo.  (Franco Fafasuli)
In a previous meeting, Bullrich, Pichetto and Ritondo. (Franco Fafasuli)

“Any change in the operation of the institutions of the Republic, especially if it is about Justice, requires a broad consensus among political parties, sectors directly interested, social organizations and academic circles,” they reason in the note, highlighting than “the path of solitude of a single bloc is not our tradition on these issues and when it was, the judicial reform in the government of former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was declared unconstitutional ”.

Only at the end is allusion made to the march: “We ask the President to reflect on the message from the citizens and withdraw the aforementioned project because today any initiative in this regard will be subject to suspicion and will not have the support of the great Majority of the population”. At the end of the meeting, Macri issued the tweet where he congratulated the citizens who participated in the march.


Consulted by Infobae, a participant of the meeting assured that “Unity in the opposition is not at stake, but it is clear that Horacio is not a man prepared for conflicts”. At the same time, they recognized that both in the City of Buenos Aires and the mayors and governors of the opposition space were forced to speak out against the mobilization, which more than one did more or less explicitly. Gustavo Posse, from San Isidro, directly said that those who mobilized were gorillas. Rodríguez Larreta, more moderate, said he was not going to mobilize but street expression was a right. Another source said that “Pato (Bullrich) was exultant and believes that with yesterday’s march we won the 2021 elections, but in Brazil you have (Jair) Bolsonaro with a record of popularity but also thousands of deaths.”

Whatever, In Together for Change there is concern because the unitary criteria return to “Kirchnerism in the Government”, as was heard in the Zoom. Cornejo explained it today in statements to Radio Miter, where he counted a decision that the governors did not expect, that Anses deduct from the official accounts 15% of a debt that the provinces had renegotiated at the beginning of the Cambiemos government and that Fernández had agreed to refinance. So much so that even Gerardo Morales rushed to thank the President through Twitter.

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“Thank you very much Mr. President for responding to my request to extend the maturities of the loans taken out with the Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS) and, furthermore, to commit to extend them for a couple of years”. However, on Thursday the official accounts of the provinces with the national government, both the Peronists and the opposition, woke up without those funds, said the president of the UCR and former governor of Mendoza.

I kept reading:

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The Government accelerates the judicial reform and its offensive against the judges despite the massive protest throughout the country

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