After reporting against his employer, the Zug medicine inspector was released: “I can’t let that sit on me”

New chapter in the dispute between the inspector and the cantonal health department: After the drug inspector had filed a criminal complaint against his own employer, he was now released.

Suddenly everything happened quickly: After the drug inspector Ludek Cap from Zug discovered various deficiencies in a doctor’s office, he was blocked from accessing his work cell phone and his work e-mail address. Cap has now been released. He claims his own employer – the Directorate of Health – tried to prevent him from inspecting the said practice.

The Zug drug inspector Ludek Cap.

Image: PD

The long-time inspector (Cap had been in office since 2007) has therefore filed a criminal complaint against canton doctor Rudolf Hauri, health director Martin Pfister and the doctor concerned. Another criminal complaint is directed against the doctor alone, in which Cap accuses him of violating the law on medicinal products, narcotics and health. He assesses the conditions in practice as “critical and hazardous to health“, as we reported.

Do the health director and the canton doctor want to protect the doctor in question?

So now the exemption. This was ordered by the management of the interior – because Hauri as Caps direct superior and Pfister are biased in the matter. Because of “his behavior in connection with the inspection planned by him for July 30, 2020” and because of the criminal complaint, the “basis of trust that is essential for the continuation of the employment relationship” can be regarded as “broken”, according to the letter from the “Zuger Zeitung” »Is available.

For Cap it is clear: “I can’t let that sit on me.” The trained pharmacist, who looks back on 30 years of professional experience, announces that he will take measures against his release. He had told our newspaper that the matter had always been his priority and that he had no personal problem with the doctor concerned. “I want to do my job correctly and see it as my duty to take a close look,” says Cap. He suspects that Pfister and Hauri wanted to protect the doctor because they were friends with him.

The drug inspector not only checked doctors in Zug

Ludek Cap’s exemption is explosive for another reason. Cap carried out the inspections of the wholesalers on behalf of the regional specialist office for Eastern and Central Switzerland of the Zurich Medicines Control Department. Specifically with companies such as Novartis, Sandoz, Astra-Zeneca or Biogen, many of which are based in the canton of Zug. There is an intercantonal agreement between the cantons of Zug and Zurich for this mandate. “In order to issue and maintain their Swissmedic operating licenses, the companies depend on my inspections to be carried out and the applications forwarded to Swissmedic,” says Ludek Cap.

If he is unable to carry out the currently agreed inspections, the companies will not receive the permits they have applied for or existing permits are at risk. “That would mean that the companies cannot import or export drugs or trade with them abroad.”

Cap can now comment in writing

The Zug Health Directorate does not comment on the ongoing proceedings. Aurel Köpfli, research assistant and responsible for communication, explains that the health department “immediately ensured that the inspections mentioned in wholesale companies are carried out correctly and on time”. The controls would be carried out temporarily by the therapeutic products control of the Canton of Zurich. “This ensures that the wholesalers in the canton of Zug do not have any problems with the necessary permits.”

The cantonal authorities are always prepared for the absence of key people. What happens now? Ludek Cap can comment in writing in the personnel law proceedings against him. His two criminal complaints are currently with the Zug public prosecutor’s office. He announced that he would «continue to fight for the good of the people of Zug, truth and justice».

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