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■ The specter of baseball by journalist Jeong Se-young

Average WAS “3 points” in front
Currently 3.88… Kim Kwang-hyun is “1.90”
1.33 allowance on a per lowest inning basis
5827 strikeout … Ahn Woojin 212
The average speed of fastball this year is 144km

Starting baseball is finally resumed in the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League.

The role of the pitcher in the game is absolute. Among them, the importance of throwing launchers cannot be underestimated. In particular, a team with a good starting lineup has a very high chance of winning the championship that year. KT, who won the combined championship last year, is a good example. In the 2021 season, KT’s solid starting lineup, including Ko Young-pyo, William Cuevas, Audrey Samer Despaine, So So-joon and Bae-seong, stood out.

However, looking at this year’s KBO League launch data, there are several indicators that can confirm a starting pitcher’s “struggle”. At 26, the ERA of the starting pitchers in the league was 3.88. It is the first time in 10 years since 2012 (3.85), when the “to-go hitter” peaked, that the initial ERA has entered the 3-point range. The lowest ERA since 2015, when the 10-team system started, was 4.20 in 2019, but this year is 0.30 lower. In addition, the percentage based per inning (WHIP) of starting pitchers is 1.33, the lowest in the past 10 years, and the batting average of 0.259 is also the lowest in the last 10 years. And the starting pitchers knocked out 5827. He scored an average of 7.24 strikeouts per game. At the moment there are 43 regular league games left. If calculated arithmetically, 6138 slashes are possible. The highest number of strikeouts by a starting pitcher in a single season was 6135 in 2018.

In baseball, the virtue of a starting pitcher is to give the team the chance to win by shooting long and conceding to the minimum. Starting pitchers this season have averaged 5.1 innings, averaging 7246 innings. At the current pace, it seems likely that he will make the most innings since 2018 (7792 innings).

As the starting pitchers are strong this year, the winning streak continues. Kim Kwang-hyeon (SSG), who maintains an ERA of 1.90, is challenging the 1-point ERA for the first time in 12 years since Ryu Hyun-jin (then Hanwha, 1.82) in 2010. He came close to his 225 strikeouts in a single season and 13 gaps.

Regarding the performance of the starting team, SPOTV commentator Yang Sang-moon pointed out: “The combination of the expansion of the strike zone and the readjustment of the repulsion force of the official ball seems to have had a great impact.” “As the strike zone expands, pitchers throwing fast balls throw the ball with confidence. In particular, the performance of players who throw a lot of high fastballs, such as Wilmer Font (SSG), has significantly improved. “

Additionally, as the number of young fastball pitchers increased, the average fastball speed increased, which is also considered the secret of good starting pitchers’ performance. According to the KBO, the average fastball speed of starting pitchers this year is 144km. It is the fastest since 2011, when the Pitch Detection System (PTS) started measuring speed.

It’s not just acceleration. The step is also excellent. This year, the rate of fast ball swings wasted by starting pitchers is 46.7%, the highest in history. Yang’s commentator said: “The fastball is the ball that the pitcher throws the most. It’s hard to attack a pitcher with a powerful fast ball throw, “he pointed out.

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