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African hand champions arrive in Cairo after the title was crowned with a busy reception … photos

A short time ago, Egypt’s first handball team arrived in Cairo airport from Tunisia after crowning the African Nations title at the expense of the landowner and Carthage Eagles, the score of 23/23, and booked the boarding pass to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

A number of sports officials and the families of the players were keen to be present at the airport to receive the champions, and officials of the Handball Federation, headed by Hisham Nasr, are considering establishing a special honor for the Egyptian team player.

With this tournament, Egypt succeeded in achieving the seventh African star in its history, as it crowned the first African title in 1991 in the copy held in Egypt by beating Algeria in the final, while winning the second title in 1992 in the Ivory Coast at the expense of Tunisia.

As for the third title that the Pharaohs crowned, it came in the year 2000 in Algeria by defeating the desert warriors on their land and among their fans, while the team was crowned the fourth title in the 2004 edition in Egypt at the expense of Algeria as well. .

While the Pharaohs crowned the fifth title in 2008 in Angola at the expense of Tunisia, and finally the sixth title in 2016 at home and among his fans, through which he qualified for the last Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

The Egypt national team also got rid of entering into the calculation of Burma and participating in the qualifying supplement to the Olympics, as the African Championship only qualifies the African champion for the Olympic Games..

The handball team qualified for the final by beating Algeria 27/30 in the semi-final, while the Tunisian national team qualified by beating Angola 39/23 in the same round..

The quarter-finals saw the Egyptian handball team win over Gabon with a score of 36/17, before defeating Angola by 33/26 in its second meeting to qualify for the semi-finals as the first group to face Algeria.

Egypt succeeded in achieving the complete mark in the first round by defeating Guinea 39/22, then Kenya 44/19, and finally the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a score of 28/19. He won the title of best in the Kenya match, while Mohamed Mamdouh Hashem won the title of best player in the match between Egypt and Gabon in the quarter-finals before Ahmed Al-Ahmar won the title of the best against Algeria in the semi-final..

African Champions of Hand pray Cairo (2)

African Champions of Hand pray Cairo (3)

African Champions of Hand pray Cairo (4)

African Champions of the Hand pray Cairo (5)



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