Affected by OTT, Bekasi Walkot Rahmat Effendi Arrives at KPK


Mayor of Bekasi Grace Effendi involved in the arrest operation (OTT) held by the KPK. Rahmat has now arrived at the KPK’s Red and White Building.

Monitoring, at 22.50 WIB, Wednesday (5/1/2022), Rahmat Effendi arrived at the KPK building wearing a dark blue vest and green long-sleeved shirt. Not a word came out of the man who was familiarly called Pepen.

Upon arrival, Pepen was greeted by his lawyer and seen receiving a kind of white folded paper. Next, Pepen went straight to the KPK building for further examination.

Previously, KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri allowed the KPK to hold an OTT in Bekasi City. Firli asked for time to do an inspection first so that the allegations of this matter are clear.

“It is true that there was an arrest in Bekasi, we are still working. Please be patient, give us time to work,” said Firli.

“Later in time we will convey it to the public. Please let us work first,” he continued.

The KPK has indeed carried out a hand arrest operation (OTT) in the Bekasi City area, West Java. Now the KPK has secured several parties related to the case.

“It is true, the information we received, Wednesday 5/1/2022 at around 2 pm, the KPK team managed to secure several parties in arresting activities related to allegations of corruption in the Bekasi City area, West Java,” said Acting KPK spokesman Ali Fikri to journalists, Wednesday (5/1/).

Ali has not disclosed who the parties are detained. The KPK is still examining the parties for questioning.

“Currently, those who have been detained have been brought to the KPK’s Red and White Building for inquiries,” said Ali.

Furthermore, Ali said that the KPK would immediately determine the suspect in this alleged case. KPK has 24 hours.

“KPK has 1×24 hours to determine its attitude based on the results of the ongoing investigation,” he said.

“We will convey further developments,” he added.

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