Adobe Prepares Free Web Version of Photoshop, Jakarta – Adobe is doing a free trial version web from Photoshop. The company said they plan to open up the service to everyone and introduce more users to the app.

This free trial of Adobe Photoshop was recently conducted in Canada. There, users can access the version web from that service, using an Adobe account free them.

Reported The Verge, quoted Wednesday (15/6/2022), Adobe said that the free version of Adobe Photoshop in this browser is a service “freemium” and plans to create exclusive features for paying subscribers.

“We wanted to make (Photoshop) more accessible and easier for more people to try and experience this product,” said Maria Yap, VP digital imaging Adobe.

Version browser of Photoshop was first launched in October 2021. This version provides simplified applications to handle editing or basic editing.

Even so, this service is considered unlike the full-featured version of the application.

As a replacement, Adobe positioning it as a collaboration tool, so that an artist can share their drawings with others, as well as have them involved, make some adjustments, and return them.

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