Actress Tanya Fear found alive – VG

ACTOR: Tanya Fear at the short film festival TriForce in London in December 2018.

The family and manager of the 31-year-old British actress despaired after she was reported missing in Los Angeles. Monday night she should be found.


Sky News and several American media write on Twitter Monday night that Fear has been found alive by Los Angeles police.

Tanya Fear (31), who has appeared in TV series such as “Doctor Who”, “Young Inspector Morse” and “Spotless”, is not said to have made a sound for several days before she was found on Monday night, Norwegian time.

Relatives went out with a public search on social media, hoping to get help locating the actor, who is based in Los Angeles.

Both British and American media, as Sky News, BBC, Today and ABC News, mentioned what the family and the manager thought was a disappearance case, and which is now getting attention under the hashtag #FindTanyaFear.

Manager Alex Cole told ABC News that everything went well with Fear, also known from the movie “Kick-Ass 2”, when he was in contact with her last week.

– She has had a brilliant career since she came here, and this is just the beginning, says Cole about the 31-year-old, who at filmnettstedet has been featured in a number of short films over the past year and a half.

– We are of course worried, and hope to find out that all this is a simple misunderstanding, and that we find her, the manager said.

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The first media reports were that she was last seen near her home in the Hollywood Bowl area on September 9, but on Monday afternoon Norwegian time, the relatives write on Twitter that she was observed in a grocery store on Santa Monica Boulevard on Sunday.

British The Telegraph wrote that the concern increases as the hours go by without the actor being accounted for.

Los Angeles police confirmed to ABC News that a missing message was registered with them on 9 September.

Fear wrote on Instagram a week ago that she had performed with her very first standup show in Los Angeles.


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