[Abusive Detention of Li Zhiying]The Hong Kong Final Court revokes bail and continues to detain Lawyer Li: Will apply for guarantee to the High Court again| Apple News Network| Apple Daily

The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal this morning (9th) will announce its ruling on the case of the Department of Justice reviewing that Next Media’s founder Li Zhiying was granted bail. At 10 am this morning, the judgement was pronounced and the Attorney General’s decision was finally ruled. Continue to be taken into custody. Chief Judge Zhang Juneng briefly read the results and stated that Li can reapply for review of the Magistrate’s decision to refuse bail, but it will not be handled by the Final Court. Li Zhiying’s lawyer revealed that he will re-apply for bail to the High Court, and it will take time to prepare relevant documents. The court will decide on the date for the hearing.

Li Zhiying was escorted to the Court of Final Appeal by a prison car this morning. At 9:45, Li Zhiying, accompanied by six correctional officers, walked out of the cell and sat in the prison. He waved to his family and supporters in court, and made a gesture of love as always.

After the judge read the verdict, the court dismissed. Li’s family and pan-citizens stepped forward to surround the prisoner’s fence and separated the glass to say goodbye to Li. Li spread his hands and gestured helplessly, one by one with his family. Say goodbye, and finally made a gesture of love. Some people yelled “Go on Jimmy” and “Go on Li Sheng”. After leaving the court, Lai’s daughter was unbearably sad and embraced Li Zhiying’s wife. Mrs. Li was sad and wept. Others comforted “Hold on” and “Go on.” .

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And an hour and a half before the trial began, nearly 30 people were waiting in line. The crowd included the Canadian consulate staff, EU diplomats, Chief Executive Officer Zhang Jianhong of Next Media, and Catholic Cardinal Chen Rijun. Zhang Jianhong, who arrived at the scene as early as 7 o’clock, believed that this judgment had no effect on “Apple”, but hoped that Li Zhiying “can return home for the New Year.”

At about 9:40, all the observers were admitted to the venue, and the former legislative council member “Long Mao” Liang Guoxiong, the former legislative council member of the community, shouted “release political prisoners.”

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On the day of the final court hearing last Monday, more than 100 citizens lined up outside the court to enter the hearing. The Judiciary announced on Friday that the CFA will adjust the public hearing arrangements next Tuesday. Approximately 80 seats will be reserved for the public on a first-come, first-served basis. If citizens want to attend the hearing, they must be in a designated area outside the CFA building. Waiting in line, it is forbidden to jump in line or stand in line.

Since the court has only 7 press boxes (in-court hearings), many media outlets lined up outside the court in the early morning of yesterday (8th), the day before the trial started. People also showed up to line up the public gallery yesterday afternoon.

The case was heard by five judges designated by the National Security Law, including Chief Judge Zhang Juneng, permanent judges Li Yi and Huo Zhaogang, non-permanent judges Chen Zhaokai and Situ Jing. This is the first case handled by Zhang Juneng since he took office as chief judge.

In December last year, Li Zhiying was charged with conspiracy to defraud and collusion with foreign powers. Both cases were handled by the chief magistrate and judge designated by the National Security Law, Su Huide. Li Zhiying was refused bail. On December 23, Li Zhiying, who had been detained for 20 days, successfully applied for bail to the High Court’s National Security Judge Li Yunteng. Later, the Attorney General appealed to the final court of Li’s bail. On December 31, the final court ordered Li Zhiying to be taken back into custody. Maintain the “as-is” of the Magistrate’s refusal to approve bail until last Monday to hear the submission. (Hong Kong “Apple Daily” / report)

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