About half: are these celebrities also in The Masked Singer?

In recent weeks we have already seen some special candidates emerge from under the masks. First we saw how Willeke Alberti sang the stars from the sky as the Firebird. The Dino did not remain a secret for long either: in episode two we saw Churandy Martina peep from underneath. As the third dropout it was the Mouse’s turn. None other than Mariska Bauer appeared to have squeezed herself into the suit, without my hubby Frans knowing.

After this, we got the duo eliminations. Two candidates left per episode and the first time they turned out to be the Vlinder, Kim Feenstra, and the King, Diederik Jekel. Last Friday marked perhaps the most emotional revelation, as in addition to the Astronaut, Mattie Valk, the Yeti also had to go home. This turned out to be the seriously ill Ernst Daniël Smid.

An Instagram post on the RTL channel ensures that viewers are again given a good guess. Because who is that Panther anyway? And who is in the suit of the Chameleon? Some viewers write under the post that they are already sure of their case and gamble that Samantha Steenwijk is the Kameleon. They also see Roué Verveer in the suit of the Zebra. And would it really be Nikkie Plessen in the Panther’s suit?

We will find out automatically. The Masked Singer can be seen every Friday evening at 8 p.m. on RTL 4.

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