A wind of concern is blowing over the evolution of employment in 2022

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During the crisis of the 2010s, temporary work had plummeted several months beforehand, thus acting as a signal for the economy. 258321816/naka – stock.adobe.com

Several leading indicators pose the threat of a turnaround in the labor market trend.

This is a detail that has gone almost unnoticed but which could say a lot about the state of the labor market in the coming months… In early June, on the occasion of the publication of salaried employment figures, INSEE revealed, for the first time in seven quarters, a fall in temporary work. Between January and March 2022, the sector which was just recovering from two years of Covid crisis recorded 13,800 job destructions, a decline of 1.7% in one quarter. A fall which by its volume should not lead to catastrophism, but which nevertheless blows a strong wind of concern on the prospects for the evolution of the labor market. For a simple reason: temporary work is often considered a leading indicator of the economy. Which means that, through its movements, it theoretically gives the temperature and the major employment trends in advance.

In concrete terms, temporary work is the most flexible form of salaried employment. It is so…

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