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Original Title: Well-known Wuhan doctors sued Aier Ophthalmology for nearly blinding him

Recently, Wuhancity ​​centerA Fen, director of the emergency department of the hospital and a well-known anti-epidemic doctor in Wuhan, reports that he is in WuhanAier OphthalmologyhospitalacceptAfter the right eye intraocular lens implantation operation, my vision did not improve, I thinkAier OphthalmologyThere is a violation of medical diagnosis and treatmentProcessofbehavior.Ai Fen said: “As a medicaljobs, They can all do this if it isCommon peopleIs more likely to be deceived. If I don’t speak, no one will speak. “On January 2, 2021, listedthe companyAier OphthalmologyIt is announced that a group investigation has been established on this incidentwork group, Rushed to Wuhan overnight on January 1, 2021 forFull investigationVerify.

  Ai Fen: The operation cost about 29,000 yuan

“I’m a doctor, and I never thought about being a doctor. I just hope to expose the irregular behavior of Aier Hospital in the diagnosis and treatment process with my own experience…” On the first day of the new year, 46-year-old Wuhan Central Hospital emergency department Section Director Affin passed itsWeiboAccount @急医sunflowerAffin wrote.

According to Affin’s self-report, in May 2020, she felt that her eyesight was significantly reduced. At first she thought it was caused by wearing face-screen goggles.At that time, because the diagnosis and treatment business of the hospital she worked for had not yet fully returned to normal, she was advised by a retired ophthalmologist with a good relationship to go to Wuhan where the doctor was working at the time.Aier OphthalmologyVisit the hospital.

After the examination, the hospital said that she had a cataract in her right eye, and suggested that she have a multifocal lens, and recommended Wang Yong, the vice president, to perform the operation. In late May, Ai Fen underwent an operation to remove the right eye lens and implant an intraocular lens provided by Aier Eye Hospital. The operation cost about 29,000 yuan.

Since there was no improvement in her eyesight after the operation, in early June 2020, Ai Fen went to Aier Eye Hospital for a follow-up visit. The surgeon Wang Yong told her that this is normal and will recover after a while. In October, she had an eye examination at the Wuhan Central Hospital where she worked, and the results showed that her right eye had a hole-derived retinal detachment, which was a gray-white bulge, refractive error (high myopia in the right eye), and almost blindness. This shows that the fundus of the right eye is severely degenerated. After consulting multiple ophthalmologists with the diagnosis and treatment sheet, she realized that according to the conventional procedure, the fundus should be checked before the lens replacement surgery. If the early detection and early laser treatment are used, this may not be the case. Ai Fen believes that Aier Ophthalmology is “to make money” and unnecessarily remove his almost normal crystals.

Not long ago, Ai Fen asked Wang Yong for a photo of the lens before the operation. The other party sent a photo of very serious cataract lesions, which made Ai Fenfeel“Obviously falsified.”She is personalWeiboHe wrote: “I saw with my own eyes on his computer when I returned to the clinic in early June. The degree of cataract was very mild… As a medical worker, they can all do this.Common peopleIs more likely to be deceived. If I don’t speak, no one will speak. “This is why she decided to expose the matter.

Ai Fen said that after the right eye was nearly blind, she can only stop the clinic at home; what makes her most uncomfortable is that she can’t use force because of this disease. As a mother, she can’t hold her child who has just turned 2 years old. She feels “life is disintegrated.”

  Aier Ophthalmology said it has established an investigation team

After the incident, at 21:20 on December 31, 2020, Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital passed the officialWeiboA statement was issued saying that a self-examination was carried out for the entire diagnosis and treatment process of this incident. It was verified that Ai Fen’s right eye had high myopia complicated by cataract and had surgical indications. All aspects of preoperative examination, surgery and post-operative review were in compliance with medical standards.

The hospital pointed out that the preoperative B-ultrasound and OCT examination results of the top three hospitals provided by Affin independently showed that the fundus retina was flat; the preoperative fundus retina of Aier Eye Hospital on May 24, 2020 also showed that the fundus retina was flat. It was found that the retinal detachment was occluded by cataract, which was consistent with other fundus imaging examinations provided by Ai Fen before the operation, and there was an indication for cataract surgery. The results of the postoperative follow-up examination showed that Ai Fen’s vision was significantly improved compared to before the operation, and the fundus retina was flat.

The hospital denied Affin’s “obviously falsified” situation. The statement said: “After verification, our hospital has not tampered with or exchanged patient medical records and examination data.”

However, Affin did not agree with this statement. On the afternoon of January 1, 2021, she responded on her personal Weibo: “1. The preoperative B-ultrasound and OCT results were not provided by themselves, but were done in our hospital according to Aier’s requirements; 2. Are these two checks available? Abnormality and retinal flattening of the fundus are not a concept; 3. My cataract is very mild and can’t cover the periphery of the retina at all; 4. I hope that Aier Hospital will publish my correct preoperative cataract photo.” Ai Fen also said: “I hope love You have an honest problem solvingattitude, Instead of wanting to talk to me privately. “

On the morning of January 2, Aier Eye Hospital Group, a listed company, spoke for the first time on this matter.Its WeChatpublicAccording to a statement issued on January 1, 2021, the group attaches great importance to this incident and has immediately established a group investigation working group, which rushed to Wuhan overnight on January 1, 2021 for investigation.

Ai Fen still has expectations for the restoration of his right eye.She said: “I hope my eyes can still be engaged in medical work normally in the future, because many instruments and equipment operate in the medical process.InstrumentYou need to use your eyes. If the country needs it, I will wear goggles and protective clothing to go to the front line. “

  Aier Ophthalmology:

  Market valueMore than 300 billion frequent medical accidents have caused disability

According to the official website of Aier Ophthalmology, it has more than 500 eye hospitals and centers in mainland China. The Southern Metropolis reporter noticed that many Aier Eye Hospitals, including Wuhan, have been brought to court by patients for medical disputes. Among them, some patients suffered eighth grade disability after the operation, and the Aier Eye Hospital was sentenced to compensation of 236,000 yuan.

  The hospital involved had a medical fault

  The patient was sentenced to compensation for more than 97,000 yuan

The Southern Metropolis reporter noticed that before this, a patient was in Wuhan Aier Eye HospitalLimited companyI also encountered a similar situation when visiting a doctor.

A reporter from Nandu learned from the Judgment Document Network that the hospital had been sentenced to compensate patients more than 97,000 yuan due to medical errors in the diagnosis and treatment process. In February 2017, the patient Zhou Mou was diagnosed with thyroid-related eye disease due to “protrusion of both eyes and retraction of the left upper eyelid” to Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital. In April 2017, Zhou felt swelling and pain in his left eye after receiving intraorbital injection treatment, and his vision was not visible. After multiple examinations and treatments, the left eye still had visual impairment.

Based on relevant materials, the judicial appraisal institute determined that Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital had medical fault in the diagnosis and treatment of Zhou. Among them, the hospital diagnosed Zhou as a “thyroid-related eye disease” with insufficient basis; in the treatment process, the patient was not fully informed of the condition and provided a variety of treatment measures to choose from, which compromised the patient’s right to know and choose, and there was a failure to inform the patient Fault: When the patient had left eye pain during treatment, the hospital failed to organize specialist consultations in time or recommended that the patient be transferred to a higher-level hospital for treatment, and there was a fault that emergency rescue measures were not in place.

On January 14, 2020, the court’s first instance judgment, Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital Co., Ltd. compensated Zhou for various losses in totalRMBMore than 97,000 yuan.

  Medical accidents occurred in Aier Eye Clinic in many places

  Some patients fell into eighth grade disability after surgery

Public information shows that Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned by the listed company Aier Eye (300015).Legal representativeFor Li Li.Public information shows that Aier Ophthalmology was established in Changsha in 2003 and went public in 2009. It is the first in ChinaIPOListed medical institutions have more than 500 eye hospitals and centers in mainland China, and the current market value is about 308.6 billion yuan.

The Southern Metropolis reporter inquired that Aier Eye Hospital Co., Ltd. in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, and other places have all been sued by patients in court for medical disputes and were sentenced accordingly. Compensation.

According to relevant information from the Judgment Document Network, on January 16, 2018, the patient Liu went to Huludao Aier Eye Hospital Co., Ltd. in Liaoning Province for treatment. The hospital admitted Liu to the hospital after he was diagnosed with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. Vitrectomy, silicone oil injection and crystal implantation. Liu was discharged from hospital on January 25, 2018. Due to the retina detachment after the operation, the hospital failed to detect it in time, which caused the silicone oil to be unable to be removed and lost the opportunity for retreatment.According to the identification of Huludao Medical Association, Liu belongs to the fourth-degree medical accident, and the doctor is responsible for the mainresponsibility. According to the appraisal by Jinzhou Liaoxi Judicial Appraisal Center, Liu had a grade 5 blindness with his left eye injury and was assessed as a grade 8 disability.

The People’s Court of Lianshan District, Huludao City found that Huludao Aier Eye Hospital Co., Ltd. compensated Liu for economic losses of more than 236,000 yuan.

A similar accident occurred at the Aier Eye Hospital in Chongqing, and the patient went to court.

In January 2008, Fan underwent binocular excimer laser refractive corneal surgery at Chongqing Aier Eye Hospital Co., Ltd. After the operation, Fan developed dark shadows, dry eyes and other symptoms. In November 2011, Fan filed a lawsuit with the People’s Court of Jiangbei District, Chongqing City. According to the identification of the Judicial Appraisal Institute of the Chongqing Forensic Medicine Association, the hospital had faults in the diagnosis and treatment of Fan that they did not fully follow the surgical contraindications and indications, did not perform adequate notification obligations, and the medical record writing and recording were not standardized. There is a certain causal relationship between the damage consequences of a certain dry eye disease aggravated, and it is an indirect factor of Fan’s damage consequences.

After review by the court, Fan’s total loss of medical expenses and disability compensation was 308,000 yuan. According to the proportion of both parties’ responsibilities, the hospital should bear 25% of the liability, and the expenses it should bear were 82,000 yuan (including 8,000 yuan for spiritual comfort) . On December 17, 2018, Chongqing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court issued a second-instance judgment and upheld the original judgment.

(Source: Southern Metropolis Daily)

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