A tractor crushed a police car at a waste leak site in Norilsk: Incidents: Russia: Lenta.ru

On the fact of a tractor hitting a police car near the place of illegal transfer of waste to the tundra near Norilsk, an inspection is being carried out. On Sunday, June 28, they reported in the regional administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, reports Interfax.

According to a spokesman, the incident occurred at a time when the police went to check on a statement about a possible waste discharge. The tractor driver drove into the patrol car, not convinced of the safety of the maneuver. As a result of the accident no one was hurt.

As reported to Lente.ru in the regional department of the Investigative Committee of Russia, a check has been launched on reports of illegal dumping of liquid waste into the tundra zone, in which investigators from Khakassia are also involved.

Earlier on June 28 at the Ministry of Emergencies in the Krasnoyarsk Territory reportedthat in Norilsk at the Talnakh enrichment plant (part of Norilsk Nickel) there was a leak of waste into the tundra.

The incident occurred at 6:30 Moscow time. “[Стало известно] that in the Talnakh microdistrict near the Talnakh enrichment plant, unauthorized pumping of liquid into the tundra zone is carried out from the tailings, there is a risk of runoff entering the Kharaeli river, ”the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

Earlier in the territory of TPP-3 in Norilsk has occurred depressurization of the tank with diesel fuel. In total, about 20 thousand cubic meters of oil products spilled. As a result, no one was injured. In connection with the incident, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the proposal to declare an emergency mode in Norilsk. Authorities later said they did not know how such a volume of fuel could be burned in the Arctic zone of Russia within 14 days.

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