A Tesla ‘navigates’ the flooded streets of China | Videos

China has been experiencing heavy torrential rains since June, causing flooding in numerous cities across the country. However, the giant puddles are not an obstacle for a Tesla.

Network users share videos of Tesla cars browsing through the flooded streets as if nothing had happened.

In late July, the Chinese city of Xian was submerged in water after only an hour of rain. Nonetheless, a Tesla Model 3 bravely braved the flood, covered with water until the lights.

Another video shows a white Model 3 practically floating while I was half submerged. The vehicle appeared to have no trouble navigating the water. People could be heard in the background, some of whom appeared to be surprised by the vehicle, commenting that the car was a Tesla.

According to the Teslarati portal, Tesla may have worked to ensure that its Model 3 sedans made in China had some extra protection against flooding. A video from Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai revealed that Tesla was actively testing the car in a flooded area at the site.

Back in 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the Model S floats well enough to act like a ship for a time. He even explained that you can propel the Tesla through the water by rotating the wheel, although this is “definitely not recommended.”

Electric vehicles like the Tesla use a skateboard design with a relatively flat battery under the floor of the car. The drive units are completely closed in most cases, so no water should leak out.

The car probably won’t sink right away, at least until it’s filled with water. Therefore, your traction will continue to work, which does not happen with most gasoline cars.

The capabilities of Tesla models to overcome water obstacles is an advantage for the manufacturer in China, as flooding is quite common in the country and in nearby regions of Southeast Asia, opined the Teslarati portal.

Amid China‘s push for electric cars, a flood-resistant and reasonably priced Tesla vehicle could very well appeal to a significant consumer base, the outlet suggested.

The current rainy and flood season in China has affected so far 55 million people in 27 of the 31 provinces of the country. It is the worst flooding in the country in more than 20 years.

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