a suspect accustomed to the same mosque

We now know a little more about the profile of the « principal suspect » arrested on Tuesday by American police in the joint investigation into the murders of four Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico (United States). According to several American media, the alleged killer in the hands of the authorities is a 51-year-old man of Afghan origin, named Muhammad Syed, himself a Muslim.

The man is already known to the police and had been charged in a series of assaults in recent years, including charges of beating his wife and son and attacking a man his daughter was dating, reports among other things The New York Timesbased on elements of the local police published this Wednesday, August 10.

Albuquerque authorities announced on Saturday that they were investigating a possible link between the murder of three Muslims in recent weeks and another in November 2021, and on Sunday launched a call for testimony from a car photo. On Sunday, US President Joe Biden said on Twitter “angry and saddened” by these murders.

Well known to the local Muslim community

Of Sunni obedience, Muhammad Syed would be well known to the Muslim community of Albuquerque according to several concordant testimonies collected by National Public Radio (NPR). The American public radio confides that the suspect regularly came to pray in the same mosque as that frequented by the victims.

The police also indicated that the suspect knew ” in a certain way “ the victims, and that a personal quarrel could be at the origin of the shooting, reports the local media, Albuquerque Journal. However, in a conversation with police officers, the suspect reportedly denied any connection to the shootings. A gun found at his home matched the bullet casings found at the crime scenes, NPR says.

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In a press release, the police claimed to have found on the night of Friday to Saturday found the body of a Muslim victim and “originally from South Asia” in his twenties, thinking “that this murder could be linked to three recent murders of Muslim men also from South Asia”, added the Albuquerque police. Among these victims, two are Pakistani, one was 27 years old when his body was found on August 1, and the other 41 years old. His body was found on July 26.

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