a single dose is not enough |

Israel has vaccinated over a third of its population, a world record, and is measuring the antibodies of its citizens.

And receive data relate to 200,000 vaccinated over 60s and were collected by Clalit. In the first two weeks after the injection, the vaccinated continued to become infected at the same rate as the others, then their numbers finally started to go down, arriving at a minus 33%. Second Pfizer, efficacy three weeks after first dose is 52%. It is not known whether the vaccinated also had milder illnesses. The first impression though is that a single dose is not too high a barrier to the outbreak, and this information has been received with interest in Great Britain, a country that thought it would favor new vaccinations by postponing boosters if necessary. “We have to look carefully at the Israeli data,” said London science advisor Patrick Vallance. The British had reckoned with an assumed efficacy of 89% ten days after the first injection.

Pfizer, the company that with BioNTech manufactures the anti-Covid vaccine would have guaranteed a continuous flow of vials in Tel Aviv to measure the effectiveness of the drug. Israel, according to a recent article in La Repubblica on the subject, with its limited population, a health system that covers everyone and an efficient digital database, is the ideal country for this type of study. At the end of March, all or most of the population should already be vaccinated. Today we are already proceeding with the recall in the elderly.

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