A servant of the Israeli defense minister is accused of attempted espionage

Israel’s Central District Prosecutor’s Office has indicted Omri Goren Gorohovsky, a 37-year-old resident of Loda, on charges of espionage.

According to the investigators’ version, Gorohovsky offered to put the “Black Shadow” in the minister’s private computer “Trojan horse”.

Gorohovsky and his wife worked for several years at the Ganca House in Haivina, near Tel Aviv, on the farm and its maintenance.

After several publications in the media last year about the cyber attacks carried out by the group against Israeli objects, Gorohovsky decided to contact the hackers and offer them cooperation.

Using the Telegram platform, the accused, hiding behind a fictional name, informed the hackers that he was working in the house of the Israeli defense minister and that he could be helped in exchange for money.

To prove the seriousness of his intentions, Gorohovsky photographed several objects in Ganca’s house, including a workbench, computers, telephones, tablets, photographs of Ganca and his family, a municipal tax bill.

The accused then deleted all the photos and the Telegram program on his phone.

Gorohovsky was arrested on November 4.

According to the arrest warrant, Gorohovsky has a rather glorious criminal biography, he has been convicted five times in the past, he has been sentenced to prison for various offenses, including the robbery of a bank, which raises questions about his employment in a high-security office.

In a separate statement, Israel’s internal security service, Shin Bet, confirmed that Gorohovsky did not have access to “secret materials” and therefore could not successfully share state secrets.

Last month, Black Shadow hackers claimed to have carried out a cyber attack on an Israeli internet service provider.

Gorohovsky’s indictment describes the Black Shadow as a group “linked to Iran.”

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