a plan to encourage cycling

Aware that more needed to be done, he commissioned his 10th deputy, Anne Dumortier, to look into issues of developing soft mobility, in particular the bicycle, and to create a bike plan. After a diagnosis, carried out by the public spaces department, directed by Franck Etave, a master plan was drawn up and then costed. “This work has enabled us to define priorities,” underlines Claude Olive. Twelve million euros will be needed to achieve our objectives”.

300 euros per meter

Forty-eight kilometers of additional tracks are planned. The diagnosis made it possible to define the possibilities of development on a specific site and the sectors where other measures will have to be applied, depending on the width of the axes and other constraints. “One meter of cycle path costs around 300 euros, excluding plot acquisition costs, notes the mayor of Anglet. In some cases, regulating the speed of automobile traffic may be more optimal. Beyond that, cycling is not the only soft mode of transport. This is why this cycling plan is part of a more global policy. »

The challenge of the cycling plan is to develop cycle paths and other facilities, but also to create a real network to extend the possibilities of cycling.

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Develop the legged bus

Cyclists are not confined to the borders of Anglet. “We worked with neighboring towns and the Basque Country Conurbation Mobility Union to draw up a master plan that fits into the conurbation’s cycling plan. says Anne Dumortier.

Internally, the City is developing approaches to promote alternatives such as carpooling, car-sharing bicycles, the employer mobility package, within its services.

A first 40-seat bicycle shelter has been erected near the Maison rose, at the Bernain crossroads. A subscription is required to use it. It provides access to similar shelters set up in Bayonne and Biarritz.

Anglet also wants to develop, around schools, the “Car à patte”, with the help of the association bush land from Bayonne. “It is a question, with voluntary parents, of allowing the children to go to school on foot in safety”, specifies Anne Dumortier.

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