A new Apple TV expected in 2021

With two weeks to go until the end of 2020, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to suggest that the next Apple TV will arrive, at best, in 2021. In his article on iPhone production volumes, the NikkeiAsia briefly mentioned that of a new Apple TV (read Apple would increase iPhone production by 30% for the first half of 2021) but without providing any indication of the time of year when we could see it tumble.

Apple TV 4K

On December 7, Mark Gurman, generally very well informed, was talking of a ” report »Of this product to 2021, also without further details. But that suggests that it was rather planned this year (the Apple TV 4K was released in September 2017 and the model before it in September 2015). A month earlier, a leaker had given some details about this Apple TV which should have a much more powerful processor and be accompanied by a gamepad (probably optional).

Again the details were vague. For example, the current Apple TV 4K lacks support for l’audio spatial managed by iPhones and iPads with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

No details on storage capacities either. Since the launch of Apple Arcade, the base 32 GB may be insufficient. Likewise, there have been no recent rumors about a possible evolution of the design of this TV box.


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