A hospital director receives BGN 126,000 per month

The hospital has a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund for 61 beds, according to a reference in the information system of the fund. More than half of them are rarely employed. The remuneration of the Ruse hospital chief is on the rise despite the pandemic – it is almost BGN 400,000 more than in 2019.

In second place in terms of salary is the head of the capital’s private hospital MHAT “Serdika” Metodi Yankov. He has announced an annual tax base of labor income of BGN 725,000. Serdika has 184 beds for active treatment, for which it receives funding from the National Health Insurance Fund. Neither she nor Medica Cor played an active role in taking on COVID patients in the crisis, ie. for most of the year, both hospitals should have been operating at a minimum, Sega writes.

Another private hospital in Ruse ranks third in terms of its manager’s income. The head of UMHAT “Medica” Ivelin Yotsov has declared BGN 388,305 annual tax base from labor income. Medica receives funding from the fund for 91 beds, of which only 9 were occupied in the midst of the winter wave in November.

Tihomir Savchev, the head of Vita Hospital in Sofia, is fourth in salary. He has announced an annual tax base of BGN 375,015. Vita Hospital worked with 139 beds for active treatment under a contract with the fund last year.

The manager of SOBAL “Dr. Taskov” in Targovishte Dimitar Taskov has announced BGN 369,751 annual tax base from salary. Taskov has a chain of eye clinics in the country. In addition to solid earnings, he has declared BGN 1.75 million in dividend income. For comparison, the manager of the regional hospital “Targovishte”, which for almost the whole last year was shooting at the bosses of COVID patients, has announced only BGN 52,917 annual tax base from salaries. Unlike his colleague Dr. Taskov, the head of the Targovishte hospital, Ivan Svetulkov, managed 338 beds in a crisis situation.


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