A fourth K-19 wave? See what is happening in Sunny Beach and whether there will be quarantine for days VIDEO

The summer season is in full swing, and our Black Sea coast is literally sprayed on the seams. Interesting shots appeared on the social network Facebook from one of our most popular resorts – Sunny Beach.

We leave the comments to what you saw in the attached video to you.

Here are some of those below the post itself:

– Together all the idiots in the pre-arranged mess to sip delicious alcohol with essence! In the morning you will watch other videos with the same participants

“The sun woke up …”

– Protest of white vests or followers of Deunov?

– Do not strike that ITN will not propose a government?

However, the official data show that the Burgas region has already headed to the red zone, according to the map of the 14-day morbidity. This was announced by the mathematician Prof. Nikolay Vitanov in an interview with BNR Burgas, informs “Flagman”.

The specialist emphasizes that the district is currently in a transitional week. Indeed, between 120 and 70 infected people a day have been reported in the region since Monday.

The good news is that there are only 77 hospitalized patients, but the pressure on health facilities is expected to increase dramatically over the next two to three weeks.

“Whether the Ministry of Health will give tolerance due to the fact that currently in the Burgas region the population is more than normal or it will not happen – we can not guess. But it is possible that measures will be imposed,” said Prof. Vitanov.

He talks about something very important – the number of infected is reported on the basis of population, but currently this indicator has changed significantly for the Burgas region, because there are between 1-1.2 million people, and the rate of passage in different areas is based on the population – about 450 thousand people.

According to Prof. Vitanov, however, if one reads the plan of the Ministry of Health, the measures for level 2 are not so restrictive. The bad news was that the fourth wave would hit sooner than we expected.

“The schedule for the unfavorable case goes like this – on August 3 – 400 cases, there were 393, on August 13 – 800 cases, on August 25 – 600 and at the end of the month 3,000.”, Commented Prof. Vitanov. According to him, there are 30 indicators for changing the trend in the covid crisis. According to them, problems are emerging in the second half of August.

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