A cargo of a special milk mixture was delivered to the United States by a military aircraft from Europe

US President Joe Biden authorized the use of Air Force aircraft to carry out Operation Milk Blend because commercial aircraft were not available for the task.

More than half a million doses of the milk formula, or 35,380 kilograms, are the first of several deliveries scheduled from Europe to reporters on a plane that Biden flew from South Korea to Japan, White House spokeswoman Karina Janpier said.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Wilsek welcomed the first consignment of milk formulas in Indianapolis.

Brian Dee, director of the White House National Economic Council, said the supply of the mixture is a short-term solution for the coming days, while the government develops a long-term solution.

Sunday delivery provides 15% of the special medical milk formula needed in the United States. The government promises that it could become more available in stores again next week.

Disi pointed out that in the long run, the government must work to ensure that no milk producer “has as much control over the supply chains”.

Problems with the availability of formula in U.S. stores began after Abbott Nutrition, the largest local formula company in Michigan, closed in February for safety reasons.

In the United States, about a million and a half million doses of about 230 milligrams of infant formula are expected to be delivered to Germany from Ramstein Air Force Base in a week, especially for children with cow’s milk intolerance and other allergies.

Indianapolis has been chosen as the destination because of the logistics center of the Swiss-based food manufacturer Nestle.
Nestle said it has been working steadily in recent months to address the milk mix deficit and help demand.

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U.S. regulators and manufacturer Abbott Nutrition expects the Michigan plant to resume next week, but it will take about two months for products to reach consumers.

The plant in Michigan was closed due to concerns that two babies had died as a result of the pollution.

Deliveries have also been affected by various supply disruptions related to the Covid-19 pandemic and the fact that the US dairy market is concentrated under the control of three large companies.

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