A Call to Mother… Antam’s Gold Price is Approaching One Million!

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaThe price of gold bars sold by PT Antam Tbk strengthened in today’s trading (12/4/2022). Launching data from the official website of PT Antam, logammulia.comthe price of 1 gram gold bullion is at Rp. 997,000/bar, an increase of Rp. 4,000/gram or 0.4% from the previous position.

PT Antam sells gold ranging in size from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams. The selling price does not include 0.9% tax for purchases without using a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), and 0.45% with a TIN.

The following is a complete list of gold bullion prices at the LM Graha Dipta Pulo Gadung Boutique, based on the website: logammulia.com.


Basic price

TIN Price (+Tax 0.45%)

Non NPWP Price (+ 0.90% Tax)

0.5 gr

Rp 548,500

Rp 550,968

Rp 553,437

1 gr

Rp 997,000

Rp 1,001,487

Rp 1,005,973

2 gr

Rp 1,934,000

Rp 1,942,703

Rp 1,951,406

3 gr

Rp 2,876,000

Rp 2,888,942

Rp 2,901,884

5 gr

Rp 4,760,000

Rp 4,781,420

Rp 4,802,840

10 gr

Rp 9,465,000

Rp 9,507,593

Rp 9,550,185

25 gr

Rp 23,537,000

Rp 23,642,917

Rp 23,748,833

50 gr

Rp 46,995,000

Rp 47,206,478

Rp 47,417,955

100 gr

Rp 93,912,000

Rp 94,334,604

Rp 94,757,208

250 gr

Rp 234,515,000

Rp 235,570,318

Rp 236,625,635

500 gr

Rp 468,820,000

Rp 470,929,690

Rp 473,039,380

1000 gr

Rp 937,600,000

Rp 941,819,200

Rp 946,038,400

Antam’s gold price is getting closer to one million, supported by the strengthening world benchmark gold price. Yesterday (11/4/2022) the world benchmark gold price was recorded at US$ 1,953.43/troy ounce, up 0.39% compared to the previous day.

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Reuters technical analyst Wang Tao predicts world gold prices will try to pass the resistance area to get out of the flat trend for the last three weeks.

“Gold could test resistance at $1,952/troy ounce, a break above which could lead to gains to the $1,961 to $1,975/troy ounce range,” Wang said in his research.

If the world gold price strengthens beyond the resistance of US$ 1,952/troy ounce, then world gold will enter phase again bullish after three weeks of being in a sideways trend in the range of US$ 1,900 – 1,960/troy ounce. So that Antam’s millionth golden opportunity is wide open.

The world gold price is moving in a sideways trend (sideways).heightDollar Index(which measures the positiongreenbackagainst six major world currencies) depressing gold prices. Meanwhile, uncertainty due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is supporting gold.

“Gold is still trading sideways and that reflects the conflicting currents we’re looking at. There are still real concerns about the geopolitical outlook and potential escalation in Ukraine,” said Michael McCarthy, chief strategist at Tiger Brokers Australia.

“At the same time, a stronger US dollar and the potential for higher interest rates around the world are limiting enthusiasm for gold.” A high US dollar makes gold priced atgreenbackbecome more expensive and therefore less attractive to holders of other currencies.

Meanwhile rising interest rates are fading gold’s luster as a non-yielding asset and increasing the opportunity cost of holding bullion.

The world’s gold reference is used as a benchmark for determining Antam’s gold price. So that the increase or decrease will affect the rate of Antam’s gold.

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