A BOLA – Hot classic leaves FC Porto one victory away from the final (Basketball)

FC Porto is one victory in the final of the men’s Betclic League, after adding the second victory in the semi-final of the play-off against Sporting (74-71) that visits next Thursday.

Michael Morrison opened the scoring with two points, but FC Porto did not lead again in the first quarter. With a dunk, Travante Williams started the lions’ path to superiority in the opening period in which the national champions came to lead by seven points (8-15). An advantage later reduced from triple to triple of Francisco Amarante and Bradley Tinsley. In this way, Sporting reached the second period in front, but leading by 14-18.

Amarante was the destabilizing element for the white and blues at the start of the second quarter, putting pressure on Luís Magalhães’ men who were just two points away (18-20) after the interventions of the 22-year-old baseman who was the great figure of the first half who, with a triple, allowed Moncho Lopez’s men to equalize (27-27) and accelerate, for the first time forward at 3.04 of the break, thanks to Jonathan Arledge.

On the side of the lions, who continued without the injured Omlid, Shakir Smith and Travante reduced, but Sporting did not take the lead until the break (34-32).

The intensity increased after the break, not only in basketball, but also in the players’ spirits. To the point that the clock made an interminable stop in the 8.17th minute to prevent the exaltation on the field from taking on other proportions after the hottest moment of the game between António Monteiro and Michael Morrison, when the scoreboard registered 35-34. With the refereeing team reviewing the bid and applying the due punishments with the calmer teams, the lions saw João Fernandes and António Monteiro being sent to the locker room with the same disqualifying foul applied to the dragon Rashard Odomes.

FC Porto knew how to take advantage to reposition itself at the front with Tinsley and Arledge. Travante, in the free-kick conversion, allowed a slight turnaround in the scoreboard (50-51), but an 8-0 partial allowed the hosts to go into the last 10 minutes to win by 59-51.

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Moncho Lopez changed the team, in the fourth period, Magalhães brought in Justin Tuoyo to replace Mike Fofana, but Travante continued to be the engine of the team trying to minimize the ‘damage’. FC Porto, however, seemed to have reached cruising speed, winning by ten (64-54) after free-kicks by Miguel Queiroz, authoritative at this stage of the match both in defense and in attack. The lions fought back, saw Travante being excluded with a minute to go and Smith scoring two points (71-66) and a triple with five seconds (72-71). Charlon Kloof scored two free-kicks, leaving Pinto da Costa standing with his arms in the air and the 73-71 left FC Porto one victory away from the final.

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