70-inch Samsung Smart TV at a very low price, but with a trick

the Smart TV large diagonal, over 65 inches, are for many a forbidden dream: they allow you to see very well, and from a distance, films and TV series and decorate the house with their imposing presence, but they still have a very high price: for a 70-inch smart TV, from a good manufacturer, obviously with 4K resolution, the average list prices start at around 1,100.

Looking good among the offers, e sharpening the wits, however, you can find opportunities not to be missed as the 70-inch Samsung BET-H, which is currently on sale on Amazon at a price of 699.90 euros. Practically 10 euros per inch, an interesting price to say the least given the quality of Samsung TVs, the reliability of the manufacturer and the guarantee offered to the customer. However, before you rush to Amazon to buy the 70-inch Samsung BET-H, you need to know two things: the first is that it is a model “business“, With limitations compared to models”consumer“, The second is that there is a trick to use a business TV as a consumer one. Let’s go in order.

70-inch Samsung BET-H: technical characteristics

The BET-H series is none other than the business line of Smart TV Samsung. In practice, these are TV screens designed for the shops, the showroom, the premises of the catering and other commercial activities of this type.

These TVs, in fact, go hand in hand with the app Samsung Business TV which allows the shopkeeper to create presentations, even animated ones, to be scrolled on the television: for example, new products arrived in the store, the main dishes of the restaurant, notices on discounts and promotions for customers and so on.

However, the Samsung BET-Hs, including the 70-inch model, are gods full-fledged televisions: Samsung 4K panel, with its usual very saturated colors, Tizen operating system, dual tuner digital terrestrial and digital satellite (so no problems even after it swith off of 20 October), two HDMI ports (one with eARC for the soundbar), WiFi, Bluetooth and the usual audio system “minimum“of modern smart TVs, with dual 20 Watt RMS speakers in total.

However, there is a big limit in these TVs: the parte smart. Since they are not intended for homes but for shops, the TVs of the Samsung BET-H line have a smart part reduced to the bone: basically there is only the Samsung Internet browser, the YouTube app and the link to the Samsung Business TV app.

Niente Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video or other streaming apps: in the official Samsung store we won’t find these apps, because you don’t need them in a store. Faced with this big limitation, which as we are about to see can be overcome with a trick, Amazon today sells this Samsung TV at a very strong discount: from 1,169 euros to 699.90 euros (-469.10 euros, -40%).

70-inch Samsung Business TV BET-H Series - 4K UHD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels - Business app only

70-inch Samsung Business TV BET-H Series – 4K UHD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels – Business app only

The reason for such a strong discount is clear to everyone: with the repeated and prolonged lockdowns in recent months, the stores have been closed and Amazon is today with thousands of unsold business televisions.

Before explaining how to use the Samsung 70-inch Smart TV Business as a normal Smart TV for the home, however, we want to specify a important detail about the guarantee of this product. Samsung offer 3 years guarantee also to those who buy BET-H Smart TVs without VAT number and, furthermore, the product is sold and shipped by Amazon, therefore enjoy 2 years full warranty.

For the first two years, therefore, in the event of problems, the buyer can choose whether to take advantage of the Amazon or Samsung warranty, for the third year it will be covered only by the Samsung warranty. What to say: no warranty issues.

Samsung 70-inch BET-H: the trick to use it at home

But let’s get to the trick to make this TV Smart which, due to business destination, is not very Smart: just use one of the two HDMI ports to connect a normal one TV stick, like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, or a normal one Box TV Android.

There are good ones already with 25 euro and allow you to install all apps also on this TV.

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