7 Memorable Gifts the Maid of Honor Can Give to the Bride



You are the maid of honor, and your bridal gift has to be top of the line. You are in search of bridal gift ideas that are memorable, are going to stand out in a crowd, and not break the bank. It’s hard to hit the trifecta, but with a little advice from Wedding Forward you’ll be able to have the best of all 3 worlds.

Read on to find bridal box subscriptions, stylish gifts, practical household items, and memorabilia that will keep the couple’s big day top of mind for years to come.


Bridal Box Subscription

As the maid of honor, a wedding gift box should be your first bride presents option. Giving this gift early means the bride will receive both joyful and useful items that she can use to celebrate and to help plan her wedding. A new box arrives monthly, which means she will continue to appreciate your friendship throughout the months leading up to the big day and beyond. No other gift can stand up against this level of thoughtfulness.


Friendship Necklace

One common marriage trope is that the newlyweds will no longer have time for their friends. A sweet wedding gift from maid of honor literally keeps you close to her heart. With every glance the bride will recall how you were there for her while you were dating your fiance, through all of the hectic wedding planning, and every time she needed a smile.


Wedding Ring Box

Not all surprises for the bride from the maid of honor need to be grand. A little practicality will go a long way. Weddings rings WILL be taken off from time to time. Instead of setting the ring in random places only to forget where she placed it, give the best friend bride gift that allows her to never have to lose this precious item. A wedding ring box is a darling item on its own, but knowing where your wedding ring is is a gift that will never be forgotten.


Engraved Cutting Board

The next step for many newlyweds is a family, and some unions already have children from past marriages that they’ll be adding to the family. In either case, this means more time in the kitchen. Many people take pleasure in the simple act of preparing a meal for others. Kitchen-based gift ideas for bride from maid of honor bring this pleasure to a whole new level by constantly reminding them of one of the happiest days of their life.

Scratch Off World Map

One of the top items on a newly married couple’s bucket list is to travel the world. The honeymoon typically involves a sand-filled destination, and these gifts for brides from bridesmaids allows the couple to continue their celebration once they get back home. Budget is one of the reasons many couples don’t travel as much as they want. A close second is motivation, there’s always an excuse to stay home. These scratch off world maps are a major motivation to explore other countries.


Wedding Vow Portrait

Over time the beautiful vows spoken at the wedding ceremony become muted, or even forgotten. Although there are many meaningful moments throughout the wedding, the wedding vows are arguably the most critical. Without them, there is no marriage. A gift that preserves this life-defining moment is surely one of the most significant bridal gifts ideas one could ask for.


Instant Camera

With everyone’s phone having hi res quality, printed photos have become a rare commodity. Instant camera gifts for bride from bridesmaid is the perfect way to ensure that they’ll have a device at the ready when a photo opp occurs during the honeymoon. It also ensures that a printed version is immediately available to add to the wedding photo album.



When planning your maid of honor gift to the bride, start with setting a budget. Use the above recommendations as inspiration, and keep practicality and joy as your top criteria. If something is fun AND functional it’s a wedding gift win-win.

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