3-month-old giraffe “Mai Meng” at Beishi Zoo aroused the curiosity of zebra roommates

The third litter “Mai Meng” born in August from the giraffe “Mait” in Taipei Zoo has grown up. The zoo said it recently began hosting visitor encounters at outdoor playgrounds. It has been observed that the zebra roommate “Linglong” is very curious about it. 2 animals also secretly kick their asses. The Taipei Zoo recently pointed out that when “Mai Meng” was born on August 16, he was 183cm tall and weighed 72kg. He was in good health, but would not take the initiative to look for milk. Fortunately, under the guidance of the kindergarten staff, “Mai Meng” Moe started breastfeeding and was able to spend the night with her mother.

The little giraffe “Wheat” in Beishi Zoo has aroused the curiosity of the zebra roommates

After 3 months, the zoo today issued a press release stating that the weight of “Mai Meng” has steadily increased to 156 kg. She is a strong, energetic and healthy girl. Some time ago, the keepers started trying to let her go to the outdoor playground Get to know the new environment.

The zoo pointed out that when “Mai Meng” first entered the large open space, even though the weather was cloudy and rainy, she still could not hide her excitement to explore the surroundings. Regardless of whether the other giraffes were having breakfast, he was galloping back and forth and swinging his front legs.

According to the zoo, in front of the zebra roommate “Linglong”, “Mai Meng” at first kept a watchful distance, then repeatedly raised her front paws to repeatedly test, and secretly sniffed behind “Linglong”. “Mai Meng” was very curious. After “Mai Meng” let go of the guard, he started playing and secretly kicking his ass.

The zoo explained that Taiwan’s climate is rainier and wetter than the giraffe’s native habitat. To avoid the risk of hypothermia for new giraffes, conservation personnel will continue to evaluate whether “Mai Meng” is suitable for outdoor activities based on the temperature and physiological state of the animal. If you pass through the African animal area during the day , you may also enter and have a chance to meet “Mai Meng”.

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