2022 will be the cruise season of all time with four million tourists to Norway – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

In Bergen, one could experience a spectacular sight when “Anthem of the Seas” appeared on Friday. The world’s 19th largest cruise ship is almost 350 meters long and has over 2000 cabins.

– We are used to ships being large here in Bergen. But this is the biggest thing we have here, says Nils Møllerup, marketing manager at the Port of Bergen.

Waiting record season

The season for cruise tourism is well underway again after the corona pandemic put an end to the industry in 2020.

Due to the war in Ukraine, the shipowners’ team has canceled cruises in the Baltic Sea and sent ships to Scandinavia and Norway in the city.

Figures from Cruise Norway show that more cruise ships will come to Norway than ever before. More than 500 more calls have also been registered than in 2019.

– The season looks absolutely fantastic. We get a steady flow of ships in, so we are really looking forward to this, says Monica Berstad Mæland in Ålesund cruise network.

In total, they expect visits from around four million passengers, 250,000 more than in 2019.

Monica Berstad Mæland in the Ålesund cruise network is very pleased with the outlook for the season, and especially with the fact that they have had ships in all the twelve months.

Photo: Øyvind Sandnes / NRK

Bergen, Ålesund and Stavanger will have the most calls. But the pressure is great on the most popular cities already, and according to the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the increase is spread over several ports. Also for those who are not typical cruise ports from before.

– We will see the country, nature and the people, says Melanie Zinbauer from Germany.

Germans in Ålesund.  Cruise tourists.

Melanie Zinbauer and Monika Stiegler think cruises are a more comfortable way to travel than planes and cars.

Photo: Øyvind Sandnes / NRK

She is in the process of exploring Ålesund, and wants to go up to Fjellstua to see the spectacular view of the Art Nouveau city.

– It is very good to feel free and get out. It’s nice not to have to wear a mask all the time, says Petra Pott.

Got flash shots of cruise giant

Tom Gulbrandsen was on his way to work when he stopped to see the cruise ship «Anthem of the Seas» sail under the Askøy bridge on the way to Bergen.

He has always been interested in the maritime, and was ready with the camera.

– I knew that this ship was low enough to go under, but there are some ships where it only has a few meters clearance. But now I saw that it was going to go well.

Anthem of the Seas on the way to Bergen, 20.05.2022

“Anthem of the Seas” was built in 2015, and has a capacity for almost 5,000 guests, with a crew of around 1,500.

Photo: Tom Gulbrandsen

There are several larger ships in Norway, but not all can enter Bergen.

The Askøy bridge is a natural limiter on the size of the ships that enter. The bridge is 63.5 meters high, so the ships can of course not be higher than that, says Nils Møllerup in Bergen Harbor.

The huge ship has been used as a template for the harbor when they were to set up bollards and fenders on the quay.

During the season, it is estimated that around 290 cruise ships will dock in Bergen this year, most of all ports.

– So it was very nice when they came to visit and everything went so well. We are ready for the cruise season no.

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