Why Strasbourg is an "example" for Grenoble before the 32nd final?

Strasbourg had defeated Grenoble in the Stade des Alpes (0-3) for the reunion on 8 February 2018. - J.-P. Ksiazek / AFP.
  • After their respective downgrading in 2011, Grenoble and Strasbourg played in 2013 in the same group of CFA racing.

  • After three seasons without joining the GF38 falls back slowly, while the Alsatians have settled in the French football elite.

  • At the pace of the "example" for the Isérois, the RCSA players find the Grenoblois in the Coupe de France for the second time in a row.

They parted one evening in May 2013 in Group B of the CFA - became the N2. If they develop from now on at different levels, Grenoble and Strasbourg are in the Coupe de France for the second time in a row. After a first knockout round in early 2018, place a 32nd Wednesday (19:15). With
Isérois went since then in Ligue 2 and installed Alsatian
in Ligue 1.

New opponents, who face the PSG a week later, have experienced similar vicissitudes in the past. Following the bankruptcy and liquidation, GF38 and RCSA were downgraded to CFA2 in 2011. Since then, both have risen a few levels, but Grenoble has fallen behind, while Racing has slowly moved to the region's elite.

A reconstruction model, financial side and field side

One year after a defeat in the Stade des Alpes (0-3), Grenoble
sees Strasbourg as a model of reconstruction. General Manager of Grenoble, Max Marty, confirms: "This is a club we are watching closely with the club president for his achievements, but also - and above all - his financial record, his training center or the size of his stadium was filling in his Eyes.

In an agglomeration comparable to that of Strasbourg, Max Marty continues: "The good results of the race are related to the multi-year structure, the club is not built on stilts, but the GF38 also wants to establish itself in the elite just organizing the climb. "With financial packages and strategic choices in mind, we're trying to be inspired," he says.

If Grenoble does not have the same passion as the Ligue 2 race, the manager estimates that prosperity is "tied to the level". Before the Iserois find Ligue 1 again, Thierry Laurey does not praise them: "They had to do a good job because they found Ligue 2 when we plunged into the throat of Ioana. Amateur football is complicated."

Two ambitious clubs in French professional football

For the Alsatian coach Strasbourg, however, does not have the ambition of a model. "We do it the best we can," he says. What is certain, however, is that we have the will to enlarge the club by entering the world of work. And I think it's shared with a club like Grenoble coming back from afar. The seasons are interrupted by difficult amateur problems, to be exact.

When Racing crashed two days after their showdown in May 2013, Grenoble needed four more seasons to free themselves from CFA. Since then, however, the gap has narrowed. And since the 8th finals in February 2018, "Strasbourg is stronger, more mature, better placed, even though we've achieved a lot on our side," Max Marty says.

"It's going to be a higher level game," says Thierry Laurey. Their respective championships remain the priority. But GF38 side, the idea to put then Paris has something more to seduce. "It would be a reward for the work the owners have done since the CFA over the last three years," concludes Max Marty. Meanwhile, Racing has succeeded in bringing down the PSG.