VW threatens further recall in diesel affair

Volkswagen threatens another recall in the diesel scandal. The Kraftfahrtbundesamt (KBA) accuses the Wolfsburg car maker to cheat even with the software update for manipulated diesel vehicles with 1.2-liter engine, as the "Bild am Sonntag" reported without information from sources. The KBA will therefore open a so-called hearing procedure next week.

According to the report, it is examined whether in Germany 30,000 vehicles - including the Polo - the type approval must be withdrawn. In Europe, according to the newspaper, a total of 370,000 cars would be affected by such a shutdown. However, for reasons of proportionality, the KBA should also leave it at a repeated official recall of the vehicles, it was said.

Examination not yet completed

The Federal Ministry of Transport said on Sunday, the allegations are known. The KBA go after this, the test is not yet completed.

A Volkswagen spokesman acknowledged that the regular internal quality controls for diesel vehicles with 1.2-liter EA189 engines had recorded abnormalities that now need further analysis. "The responsible authorities, such as the Federal Motor Transport Authority, have been actively informed by Volkswagen immediately, and Volkswagen AG is still in constant communication." According to the spokesman, the KBA has begun to examine the process. "An exact rating is not available yet."

As the "BamS" continues to report, a criminal complaint against the responsible VW managers has already been prepared. In 2016, Volkswagen asserted in writing to the KBA that the software update for the 1.2-liter diesel engines does not contain an inadmissible shut-off device.