Thursday evening, Renault meets its board of directors but the future of Ghosn will not be decided

[Article publié le 10.01.2019 à 14:40, mis à jour 19h avec sources proches sur l'avenir de Carlos Ghosn/AFP]

The directors of the car manufacturer Renault were called for an "extraordinary meeting" Thursday from 18:00 to the headquarters of the French group in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), we learned from the CGT, confirming a information of Figaro.

The notice received by the CGT employee director "does not specify the agenda" of this meeting, told AFP Fabien Gache, CGT central union representative of the Renault group, whose CEO Carlos Ghosn has been detained for more than 50 days in Japan for suspicion of embezzlement.

according to The echoes, tonight will be distributed to the participants the results of the internal investigation launched at the end of November on the compensation of Carlos Ghosn and other key leaders.

"Not quite an official meeting"

according to Le Figaro, "This is not quite an official meeting of the board but rather a meeting between the directors, as it is regularly held since the beginning of the custody of Carlos Ghosn in Japan, 19 last November ". The meeting will take place a few hours after a meeting in Japan of Nissan's board of directors, Renault's ally, adds the newspaper, during which meeting the Japanese manufacturer "reaffirmed its commitment to the alliance" with the French group.

According to Les Echos, a press release should be issued as a result of this evening meeting.

Arrested on 19 November in Japan, Mr Ghosn was indicted on 10 December for concealing income from the stock market authorities. IHe is also charged with breach of trust and may be charged with that motive on Friday, the date on which his custody is theoretically terminated: which means that he could remain in prison.

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On Tuesday, the boss of Renault firmly pleaded his innocence during an exceptional hearing in Tokyo. Unsurprisingly, the court on Wednesday dismissed a request for the end of the PG's detention, citing the risk of leakage and alteration of evidence.

Possible new indictment of Renault CEO Friday in Tokyo

In addition to his detention, Mr Ghosn is undergoing pre-trial detention which began on 10 December for two months and may be renewed for a period of one month. This incarceration is the result of an indictment concerning the reduction of its income in Nissan stock market reports over the period 2010-2015.

On Friday, the Tokyo prosecutor's office may decide to charge Mr Ghosn a second time for the alleged breach of trust (the reason for his current detention), in which case another parallel period would begin. provisional detention. It is also likely to be indicted for the income deductions that it is suspected of over another period (2015-2018).

Still CEO of Renault, Mr. Ghosn was dismissed early in the business of his duties at the head of the Japanese automakers Nissan and Mitsubishi.

No decision on the future of Ghosn during the CA (sources close)

In the early evening, however, AFP said that according to concordant sources, no decision would be made tonight on the future of Carlos Ghosn at the head of Renault. According to these sources, this meeting, convened this Thursday from 18:00 at the headquarters of the French group, aims to make "a point of progress on the internal investigation" launched by Renault to verify the remuneration of Mr. Ghosn within the manufacturer French, told AFP a source close to the company. Which confirms some information Echos earlier in the day.

"No other decision is expected tonight," added the source.

Another source also confirmed that the future of the CEO of Renault at the head of the diamond group would not be decided at this meeting.

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