This website launched by Road Safety will (perhaps) avoid buying a "wreck"

Called "Histovec" (vehicle history), free and official, this new public service displays "the pedigree of a used car with key elements to decide to buy it"upstream of the transaction, says Road Safety in a statement.

According to a study published in 2015 by the General Directorate for the Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF), half of the sales of used vehicles involve minor or serious fraud.

"With Histovec, we provide the potential buyer, through the seller, with reliable information before deciding whether to buy a second-hand car, which is one of the solutions we are putting in place to eradicate wrecks", says the interdepartmental delegate for Road Safety Emmanuel Barbe, quoted in the statement.

In the last three years, the Ministry of the Interior has had to recall several thousand vehicles that were badly damaged, badly repaired and put back into circulation with the complicity of rogue automotive experts.

"A legitimate request for reliable information"

Among the information made available to the future buyer are the date of the first entry into service of the vehicle, the successive changes of owner, if he has undergone repairs repaired under the control of an expert, the administrative situation of the vehicle (pledge , opposition, theft), and the technical characteristics of the vehicle (make, color, power, pollution criterion, etc.).

This platform, promised by the government at an Interdepartmental Committee on Road Safety in January 2018, "responds to a legitimate demand for reliable information from users", and concerns all types of vehicles (motorized two-wheelers, cars, trucks, etc.).

It must be enriched by the end of the first quarter of 2019 new data, including the mileage of the vehicle found during the technical control.

The certificate of administrative situation (or certificate of non-pledge), compulsorily issued during the transaction and certifying that the vehicle is neither stolen nor seriously damaged, is also accessible via the platform.

Only downside, the tool can not yet trace the past of some cars too old registered before the new system of registration of vehicles (SIV) launched in 2009. A special call number must be set up for their owners, provides road safety.