They announce the fourteen fourth reduction to gallon of gasoline and rise in the diesel

The gallon of superior and regular gasoline would register Monday the fourteenth consecutive reduction, since October 2018, however, there would be increases in diesel, announced Friday the executive director of the Honduran Council of the Petroleum Industry (Cohpetrol), María Eugenia Covelo .

"Seeing the international trend and the average of the last 22 days that the government takes as a reference, we expect a slight reduction to gasoline and a small increase for diesel," Covelo estimated in his forecast based on international factors.

The price of intermediate oil of Texas (WTI) today rose by 3.3 percent and stood at $ 53.80 a barrel, its peak in two months, catching on the market rises knowing that China will try to reduce the trade surplus with States United.

At the end of the live operations on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), WTI futures contracts for delivery in the month of February rose 1.73 dollars compared to the previous session.

The increase took place when it was learned that the authorities in Beijing are considering increasing purchases of US products in order to reduce the trade surplus to zero in 2024, something that could convince President Donald Trump, who has been very critical of the trade deficit in the United States. some countries with yours. The US negotiators have taken these plans with skepticism, but not the markets.

"We see that the international market has been quite unstable primarily because of the negotiations that are being conducted in the trade side, the United States with China," explained María Eugenia Covelo.

For its part, the Wall Street Journal reported the possibility that the US government proposed to eliminate some tariffs on Chinese products, although it was denied by officials of the Ministry of the Treasury, which encouraged investors.

All this motivated that the barrel of oil of Texas reached its maximum peak in two months. Meanwhile, gasoline contracts due in February totaled just over two cents and stood at $ 1.45 a gallon.