The youtubeuses beauties push a blow of mouth against the marks of cosmetics

Youtubeuse Marie Lopez aka EnjoyPhoenix - NIVIERE

Rush on Youtube. Marie Lopez alias
EnjoyPhoenix, France's first youtubeuse beauty, announced on video that it has unsubscribed from all the press communication mailing lists. A week before, the influencer
Horia had made the same decision. The two women will no longer receive the products sent by cosmetics brands in the hope that they will test them and advertise them on the internet.

His 35-minute video made more than 1.3 million views in two days. The two youtubeuses receive from 4 to 7 packages per day, and can not anymore. When a new collection is launched all the products of the brand are sent to them. "It's not even my skin tone, my color, or the kind of product I like," says Horia.

"It was getting too much, too much. "

Among the other reasons that pushed EnjoyPhoenix to make this radical decision: the ecological impact.

The huge quantity of products received leads him to throw a part of it. Despite the donations to his entourage and contests organized on social networks, products remain unused and perish. Overpackaging and packaging ever more impressive to attract the eye of the influencer always produce more waste, not to mention the carbon footprint of sending parcels.

Its decision comes 7 years after the creation of its Youtube channel, she says that its editorial line has now changed and want to talk less about makeup. "Now, I really aspire to something else. […] Today, I am 23 years old; in two months, I will have 24. We all evolve, we all grow up. Our desires are not the same anymore. Our goals are not the same anymore. Our opinions either. "