Smart speakers SYMFONISK are expected to hit the market in August

It has long been clear: IKEA wants to immerse more in the topic of smart home. Lighting, sockets, smart blinds and what will come next. In terms of sound, the Eneby range has now been on offer, and one has already sought a strong partner: Sonos, Since the end of 2017, it is known that the two companies plan something and since June 2018, we know that it is about speakers who can use Multiroom. The goal of IKEA and Sonos: a sound system that works wirelessly, but anyone can afford it. The speakers are called SYMFONISK, but until now there was only vague information.

Now I chatted a bit at IKEA. SYMFONISK should be used as a classic speaker, but can also be sunk in furniture, furthermore - and this is the exciting thing - SYMFONISK should be integrated into the Sonos system as a conventional Sonos speakers. You can also use one of the speakers to control the smart home, for example the one from IKEA. That speaks for a support from Alexa and Google Assistant. More details or prices? There is not any. Save an approximate date. August 2019.