Smart speakers: replace "Alexa" by any word with this "parasite"

Alias ​​is a project that responds to one of the main grievances against smart speakers, the inability to replace their activation command. On speakers with Google Assistant, "OK Google" prevails. Amazon is a little more flexible (on its speakers only, this is not the case on third-party products): in addition to "Alexa", one can choose "Computer", "Amazon" or "Echo". But no question of choosing any word instead.

This is exactly what Alias ​​can do, which takes the form of a "parasite" sticking to the top of a Google Home or an Echo. Alias, which actually contains a Raspberry Pi, a microphone and two speakers, intercepts voice commands.

Using a mobile application, he is taught the new activation word. You can choose anything, a first name as a common name (there is a "milk shake" in the video). The speaker then responds to the new activation word.

Alias ​​is not a commercial product, it is an open source project that you can recreate yourself. Software and hardware instructions are available. Alias ​​is not compatible with the HomePod.