Renaud Muselier launches a pot for the injured security forces

Renaud Muselier is president of the Paca region - Lionel Urman / SIPA

Renaud Muselier in support of the police. The president of the region
Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur has announced in a press release the launch of a prize pool for the security forces wounded during the movement of "
yellow vests ".

"Over 1,050 members of our law enforcement have been injured"

"For more than eight weeks, our police forces have been overexposed. Relentlessly, those who put their lives in danger to protect ours and enforce the republican order in France face a wave of violence and hatred absolutely intolerable. Thus, more than 1,050 members of our police forces were wounded during demonstrations, "he says.

He calls for sanctions "with the utmost firmness" against these "ultra-violent behaviors". Meanwhile, and to respond to "a pot launched on the platform" "in favor of the thug who attacked our police," Renaud Muselier decided to launch one on the same platform, in favor of police officers, gendarmes and firefighters wounded during the overflows.