"Amazon refused to speak," says journalist author of a wasteful investigation

The American online trading giant Amazon would throw millions of unsold new items? This is in any case what reveals the magazine "Capital" on M6, Sunday, January 13.

"The most accurate figure we got came from a warehouse in Chalon-sur-Saone with 293,000 items destroyed in 9 months"says Guillaume Cahour, who conducted the survey," and most of these products are new products. "In the report, another journalist shows how he managed to get hired as a handler in one of the warehouses of Amazon, in Saran (Loiret), in order to film the practices of society. In particular large containers for the destruction of objects of all kinds: diapers, coffee machines, televisions, toys ...

The journalist, who also collected the testimonies of several former employees, reveals the clauses contained in the contracts between Amazon's platform ("market place") and the third-party vendors it hosts and stores the products in its warehouses. . "Amazon has been offered to express itself with shoots in their warehouses but they refused ".

Julien Courbet, presenter of "Capital" on M6, is the guest of the show "Below the Screen" from 19h on RTL.

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